Living Arrows 37/52 (2016)

You can tell it hasn’t been a great week when I haven’t posted anything since last week’s Living Arrows. Gabe’s sleep has been rubbish (even more rubbish than usual) thanks to his hand, foot and mouth, and I think possibly teeth as well. He’s gone right off his milk as well, and hasn’t been eating very well either so then he’s been even more grumpy because he’s hungry. Add to that we haven’t really been able to go anywhere because of him being contagious…

Toby has been pretty good this week though, despite being stuck in the house for a few days. We think he might have a very mild case of hand, foot and mouth too – he had one spot on his tongue for a day, and a very slight temperature but otherwise seems OK. Fingers crossed that’s it for him.

This week’s photos are more living room shots – we’ve not really been anywhere to take any others. I usually only do one picture of each boy for Living Arrows but this week I just couldn’t choose so they’ve got two each.

This first one is Gabe looking very serious. He’s not always grumpy but he’s definitely not as smiley a baby as Toby was.

Gabe looking very serious

And this is his other new face… I’m not sure if it’s a smile or a growl but it’s cute either way!

Gabe's growl

I usually share very smiley pictures of Toby so I’m going for something slightly different this week. Our new house has a balcony but it needs replacing and at the moment isn’t really safe to go out on. We’ve moved the play pen in front of the door now though so at least we can have the door open and let a bit of air in without anyone escaping! Toby was enjoying looking out over the fields with his big bunny this week.

Toby looking out over the balcony

And this last one is another close up but I just liked his expression…

Toby not grinning for once

Living Arrows

8 thoughts on “Living Arrows 37/52 (2016)

  1. We had a balcony like that in our flat, I attached bamboo to the sides for privacy screening and because I was sure my toddler couldve escaped through those small gaps! #livingarrows x

  2. Aww look at the contrast between Gabe’s serious and cheeky face! He’s such a cutie! I hope the sleep is better, if it helps, we’re struggling too!! x #livingarrows

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