Siblings // Toby and Gabe in September

I haven’t got much new to add in this month’s Siblings Project post. Toby is tolerating Gabe slightly more, and Gabe still wants to do everything his big brother is doing.

We are still having odd moments when they actually manage to play together but more often than not Toby just gets annoyed when Gabe crawls all over whatever he is trying to play with, or tries to eat the pieces of whatever toy he has. I know it will only get better as they both get a bit older but for now, playing referee is driving me a bit bonkers!

I haven’t managed to get many pictures of my boys together this month but here’s a few that I did capture…


Looking out over the balcony together – Gabe is getting so big now but I think it will be a while yet before he catches Toby up!


Toby ‘helping’ Gabe play with some of his birthday presents.


Toby pushing his brother on the swing – I had to intervene when he got a bit over enthusiastic though!

And that’s it for this month. I’m hoping next month I might be able to write even more about how Toby and Gabe are playing together. I really think it will help when Gabe starts walking, although then Toby will have even less chance of being left alone…

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5 thoughts on “Siblings // Toby and Gabe in September

  1. Really lovely photos! I found it took a long time for my two little ones to learn to play together, probably not until my son was 2 to 2.5, it can be tough finding games they can both enjoy, but it definitely comes naturally over time! X

  2. I have this to come… Q isn’t crawling yet but playing referee is something I remember my parents doing! I think having a sibling is great as they’ll never be lonely, but man it’s hard work for us haha x

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