Living Arrows 34/52

Last week was my first week back at work and if I’m honest it was pretty awful! I’m going to try and find time to write another post about that though, seeing as this Living Arrows post is supposed to be all about Toby! He has been an absolute star this week; his first full week at nursery. He has coped with being woken up two hours before he normally gets up – he’s going to bed earlier too but has still missed out on a lot of sleep this week. At home he usually still has two naps a day, usually at least an hour each and often over two hours. At nursery the most he has managed is two one hour naps, and there have been a couple of days when he’s only had about half an hour all day! I’m hoping as he gets more used to it he’ll manage to stay asleep a bit longer.

Apart from the sleep thing though he’s doing great. He’s eating really well, doing lots of good playing and despite the fact he’s still teething there have been very few tears all week. He has managed to catch his first nursery cold though so he’s been pretty miserable all weekend with that.

Anyway, what with work and nursery there’s not been much time for photo taking this week so this one is just one Barry took on his phone. Even though he is coming home knackered and is still suffering with his teeth our little bear nearly always manages to find a smile…


living arrows

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