Living Arrows 33/52

I feel like this is all I ever say, but it’s been another week of teething here. Toby now has his two first molars half through on the top, a corner of one of the bottom ones and the other bottom one on its way so he’s been pretty miserable. And he’s been waking up in the night a lot too which is no fun for anyone.

Toby turned 13 months old last week as well but I’ve decided not to do monthly updates any more. Although I did get him weighed and measured when he got his vaccinations last week – he’s 24lb 10oz which puts him above the 75th centile (a massive jump considering he was in the 9th when he was born), and at 84cm he is still off the top of the height charts! Other than that there haven’t been many changes since I wrote his one year update – still no walking but I’m sure that will come when he’s ready.

So, to this week’s Living Arrows photo. This one when we were out for a walk on Saturday to a local gala/fun day thing (although it wasn’t that much fun!). As you can see, Toby wasn’t too impressed either….


living arrows

2 thoughts on “Living Arrows 33/52

  1. It sounds like all of us with babies around the same age are going through similar teething woes, Harry has been a total grouch since his back tooth started coming through. Hope Toby’s back to his usual happy self soon! xxx #livingarrows

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