Living Arrows 32/52

We’ve had quite a busy week this week. On Monday we went to our swimming lesson – I swam nearly a whole length (of admittedly a very small pool) with Toby holding on to my back all by himself! It was awesome. He’s ridden on my back before but I’ve never let go, and I didn’t expect him to keep holding on while I kept swimming. He’s been quite clingy at swimming lately though so perhaps it actually helped him for this one!

On Wednesday we had Toby’s first settling in session at nursery – it was only for an hour and I stayed with him but he seemed to enjoy it. He just spent the whole hour crawling round the room and picking up all the different toys! He didn’t really seem to notice whether I was there or not and only came back to me a couple of times so hopefully he’ll be OK when it comes to staying there on his own. He’s going again today for two hours and then three hours tomorrow and I’ll leave him there (I’m planning on going shopping for some new work clothes while I have a chance!) and then on Wednesday he is going to do a full day. I don’t start work until next Monday but we wanted to do a proper practice run (for us as much as for Toby) to make sure we all know what we’re doing and can get up and out of the house on time. Getting up and being dropped at nursery at 7am is going to be a massive shock to the system of my wee boy who normally sleeps until 8 or 9!

We also saw a couple of friends from our NCT class on Wednesday who we’ve not seen for a while – Toby is definitely massive compared to them! It was lovely to see them though – I can’t believe our babies are all one now.

Wednesday’s busy-ness finished with Toby getting his one year immunisations – he doesn’t seem to be having any ill effects so far but I know a reaction to the MMR can come later so we’re still keeping an eye out.

Thursday and Friday were fairly quiet. On Saturday we went for a walk along part of the Fife Coastal Path near where we live which was very pleasant. It’s not somewhere we’d been before but I’m sure we’ll be going again.

32_52 2


This weekend also brought more teething with it though – I am so fed up of these teeth now (and I’m sure Toby is too!). Both the top first molars are half through now and I’m fairly sure it’s one of the bottom first molars that is really bothering him too. Teething just makes Toby really grumpy and whiney. He’s not been eating very much either – he keeps putting food in his mouth, chewing it a bit then spitting it out again, which is very frustrating (and messy!). It’s really hard though, because although he’s clearly miserable he rarely wants to be comforted with a cuddle. He moans if you put him down but just wriggles like mad to get away if you try to pick him up. Anyway, it hasn’t been affecting his sleep too much this time so fingers crossed that continues at least.

This week’s Living Arrows picture does capture Toby in a rare moment of peace (and it’s actually a bit of a cheat because it was taken last Saturday). He does like cuddles sometimes, and when he does they really are lovely!


living arrows

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