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It seems I might be a bit late with this review, seeing as the lovely sunny weather seems to have deserted us in favour of a hurricane at the moment but you never know, we might get some more sun before the summer’s out, or maybe you’re lucky enough to still have a summer holiday abroad to look forward to! As part of our role as Konfidence Swimologists we were asked if Toby would like to try some of the Konfidence range of sun protection clothing and even though we had already been on our summer holiday I knew it would come in useful for those sunny days in the garden and we recently put it to the test when Toby had his first ever experience of a paddling pool!

Konfidence Sun Protection Suit

The Details

We were sent the Konfidence sun protection suit and hat to try out. The suits are available in sizes to fit from 6 months to 7 years – we chose the 1-2 years size for Toby. The hat has sizes from 0 to 6 years. I chose 0-1 year, as although Toby is very tall he has a tiny head! The suit is £17.50 and the hat £8 but currently you can buy both together for £22.95. The sun protection clothing (separate shorts and vest are also available) comes in Blue Palm or Pink Hibiscus.

The Pros

  • UV protection clothing is such a good idea – I remember wearing a normal t-shirt in the pool on holiday when I was a kid and it just got heavy and in the way. There are no such problems with this suit, and as a parent I am happy knowing Toby is protected from the sun, and I only have to get sun cream on the exposed bits rather than all over a wriggly baby. The sun protection suit has full length sleeves and 3/4 length legs so there isn’t too much skin left exposed.
  • The material of the suit and hat is soft and stretchy, meaning Toby looked very comfortable.
  • The 6-12 month and 1-2 years sizes have poppers along the legs making for easy nappy changes (along with the zip on the back the poppers also make it much easier to get the suit on and off).
  • The suit and hat both have clever UV colour-changing technology – the logo on the front and stars on the sleeve (and on the back of the hat) change colour to blue or pink when the suit is protecting your little one from UV rays.
  • The hat has a large peak and flap to keep the neck covered. The stretchy lycra means the hat is less likely to fall off and it must have been comfortable because Toby actually left it on, whereas he normally whips hats off within seconds!
  • The 1-2 years size fit Toby well with some room left for him to grow, and the stretchy fabric means it should last a while longer yet.

Konfidence Sun Protection clothing

The Cons

  • None! I actually can’t think of any negatives to this sun protection clothing.

The Verdict

We loved the Konfidence sun protection clothing. Toby was very comfortable wearing it and as a parent I was happy knowing he was protected from those harmful UV rays. Everyone knows how painful (and potentially dangerous) sun burn can be and I will do everything I can to make sure Toby doesn’t have to suffer it. And with Konfidence my job just got a lot easier!

**Disclaimer: I was sent a Konfidence Sun Protection Suit and Hat as a part of our role as Konfidence Swimologists. All opinions are my own.

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