Living Arrows 28/52 (2015)

With my second Living Arrows post this week we are back on track (although still a few days behind) and I don’t have much to say. After the excitement of his birthday at the weekend Toby has spent this week full of a cold, although miraculously still sleeping well. He seems to have pretty much dropped his nap all together now, which is a bit sad for us but over all is much better. Instead of bedtime lasting up to two hours and involving me sitting on Toby’s bedroom floor for ages to avoid him screaming his head off, he is now going to bed without too much trouble. I’ve still been sitting outside his door for 10 minutes or so just to make sure he’s settled but I’m leaving before he’s fully asleep and most nights he is sleeping from between 7 and 7:30 pm until about 8:30 am or even after 9 am on some days! And to be honest, if that’s what we get with no nap then I’ll give up my couple of hours in the afternoon (which only affects us at the weekend anyway because he’s still at nursery during the week) and take that as a win! Of course we’ll still let him have a nap if he needs it – on Tuesday he woke up at 6 am with his cold so he had a two hour nap at nursery in the afternoon, he was still fine at bedtime though. I think being up early and a bit poorly just meant he needed some extra sleep.

Anyway, this week’s photos are another couple from Toby’s birthday on Saturday. I couldn’t choose between his happy face on the slide or that cake picture so we’ve having both…

28_52 15 1

28_52 15 2

Living Arrows

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