Toby is two years old!

Two years old! How on earth did we get here? My baby is well and truly a toddler now and yet I can remember his birth as if it was yesterday.

We had a lovely day on Saturday for Toby’s birthday. All four of his grandparents came up from England and my friends Claire and Dave came round with their twins who are three months younger than Toby. It was the same people we had there for his birthday last year and everyone was saying that it didn’t seem like a year had passed!

We didn’t actually get Toby many presents. He is still only two after all and I’d rather hold off on loads of presents until he is old enough to understand what is going on. I knew he would be getting plenty of things from friends and relatives too so our present to him was really trying to make sure he had a fun day (and we’ve also booked to go and see In The Night Garden Live in September which will be a birthday treat!).

Everyone came round in the morning and although the boys were all a little shy at first they soon got stuck in to playing with all Toby’s toys. His new Duplo from his uncle and auntie was definitely a hit (as much with my dad as the kids I think) but as predicted Toby was most enjoying his massive number 2 helium balloon!

birthday balloon

We had a buffet lunch which the boys all seemed to enjoy eating on the living room floor.

birthday picnic


And then it was time for the big reveal of the rainbow cake that I had spent most of the previous day baking. I was pleased with how it looked from the outside but until I cut into it I wasn’t really sure how it was going to have turned out. Thankfully it looked awesome!

Rainbow cake


I was very happy with it, and everyone else seemed suitably impressed. It might have cost me over £25 for the ingredients (mostly because I had to buy all the different food colours which were £2.80 a pot) but I reckon it was worth it. It tasted pretty good too! Toby was a bit confused by the candles at first but he always blows on things if you tell him they are hot so we explained the candles were hot and he managed to blow them out eventually (with a bit of help from me!).


We split one slice of cake between all three boys and they soon got stuck in, although even that was a bit too much for Toby in the end. He definitely seemed to be enjoying it though.


After Claire, Dave and the twins had gone home we got out Toby’s present from his Grandma and Grandad; a new slide for the garden! Toby loves the slide and spent ages just going up and down. Hopefully he’ll get plenty of use out of it this summer.


After playing for a while in the garden we came back in and Toby had fun playing with a couple of the new toys his Nana had got him too. He loved the magnetic fishing game, and the Magnadoodle has been a definite hit too.


Everyone else headed home about four o’clock and after some tea we took Toby up to bed – he was fast asleep within minutes! He did so well throughout the day, and without a nap too! He’s not always great with lots of people around, and it can take him a little while to get used to seeing his grandparents with not getting to see them that often but he was brilliant all day really. He’s definitely growing up fast. He’s got lots of words now, and seems to learn new ones every day. We’ve still got a way to go before he can really communicate properly but we’re getting closer and closer. I’m sure the next year will fly by again and it won’t be long before I’m saying ‘Toby is three – how did that happen??’

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