Living Arrows 27/52

It’s been another fairly quiet week here at Toby Goes Bananas HQ. It’s the school holidays here in Scotland now so most of Toby’s activities have finished for the summer. We have had some nice weather though so managed to get out for a walk with my friend Claire and her twins (and a had a sneaky McFlurry!) on Tuesday. The end of the week has been mostly about staying in as Toby has come down with a cold. It’s his first proper, snot running down the face, cold but he seems to be feeling OK in himself. He really doesn’t like me wiping his nose though and in his efforts to escape always seems to manage to spread snot all over his face. Lovely! The snot-sucker has had to come out again too and we’ve had some delightful results there… Can someone tell me at what age they learn to sniff (or even wipe) rather than just letting the snot trail down his upper lip into his mouth?!

27_52 2

Moving on, on a slightly less disgusting note, we did manage to get out for a walk this afternoon. There’s a fun fair on the park near us at the moment so we went to have a look. But at £6.99 just to get in (it did give you unlimited rides but we didn’t actually want to go on anything) we decided not to bother. A short stroll in the fresh air and a go on the swings for Toby was more than enough fun for us this afternoon!

And lastly, I’ve just realised that this will be my last Living Arrows post with a baby under one! It’s Toby’s birthday on Friday and with all his grandparents coming to celebrate on Saturday, hopefully we’ll have some party snaps for next week.

living arrows

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  1. nice shots this week! sorry about that cold. sounds less than fun. and isn’t it a total bummer to have to pay entrance fees for that sort of thing? where I live I have to pay around 7 dollars for my kid to play in a playground. that always gets my goat!

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