Review: Plum Greek-style yogurt pouches

Toby generally eats whatever we eat but we do use fruit pouches at home and out and about, mostly because they are quick, easy and convenient. Plum have recently introduced some new fruit and Greek-style yogurt pouches and so when they asked if we’d like to try them I was keen to give them a go.

The Details

Plum Greek-style yogurt

The Plum Greek-style yogurt pouches come in three flavours – kale and apple, raspberry and spinach, and mango and carrot. They come in a 85g pouch (the bigger size of pouch that you usually see) and retail for 99p each. They are suitable for babies over six months (I presume because of the dairy content). Plum have also introduced their ‘Mighty 4’ range for toddlers which are also fruit and Greek-style yogurt pouches but they also contain different grains so make a more filling snack for older babies.

The Pros

  • What I really like about these pouches is that they are yogurt that doesn’t have to be kept in the fridge (until they’ve been opened), which means they are great for using out and about. We took them on holiday and they were really handy to give to Toby when stopped for meals during the long journey.
  • Toby seemed to enjoy them and would happily eat a whole pouch in one sitting. He didn’t really have any preference for one flavour over another.
  • They were easy to feed to Toby either on a spoon or sucking them straight from the pouch (which is his new preferred method!).
  • The flavours were all nice (in the interests of a fair review I had to have a try myself!) – I was a bit dubious about the slightly unusual combinations but to be honest the fruit was the predominant flavour in all of them, you couldn’t really taste the vegetable.

kale, apple and greek-style yogurt

The Cons

  • None really. I’m still not convinced the weird flavour combinations are necessary – they wouldn’t make those combinations for adults so why do it for babies? That said, Toby liked them so I can’t really complain!

The Verdict

I would buy these Plum Greek-style yogurt pouches again. We don’t use them at home because it is cheaper just to by regular yogurt but they are very useful to include in a picnic or lunchbox, or when travelling as they don’t need to be kept cold before use.

**Disclosure: I was sent a selection of Plum Greek-style yogurt pouches in return for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. We love the Plum Pouches. I keep them around, especially in the summer when we are out and about. Even my 8 year old will have one for a snack! #TriedTested

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