Living Arrows 26/52 (2016)

I can’t believe we are half way through the year already! I’m late again with my Living Arrows post this week – must try harder!

At the weekend I was down in London for #BML16 and I had a brilliant time. Barry, it would be fair to say, didn’t enjoy my time away so much as Gabe went into full on teething monster mode on Sunday. His teeth still aren’t through but he’s calmed down a bit now at least. He just wants to be constantly on the move at the moment. I was trying to take a few pictures of him the other day but he just kept crawling right up to the camera. I love this shot I managed to get though… (you can see one of his chicken pox scars right in the middle of his forehead – poor bear!)

Gabe up close

Toby, by all accounts, was an absolute superstar while I was away. He can be a bit of a pain sometimes when I’m around and is always whining for me to do everything for him. ‘No, mummy do it’ is a very familiar refrain in our house, but he was really good and didn’t complain about only having daddy for the weekend at all.

He was certainly pleased with some of the treats that came home in my goody bag anyway! Here he is ready for bed with his flower garland and Mim Mim toy – and of course his outfit wouldn’t be complete without his four muslins and his sunglasses!

Toby the cool dude

Living Arrows

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