Review: toTs by SmarTrike Voyage changing bag

Before Toby was born I bought the changing bag that matched our travel system. It was fab and has seen great service over the last three years, but with two kids in cloth nappies and all the other paraphernalia that they need it was becoming a bit of a squash trying to fit everything in. I’d been browsing changing bags for ages but couldn’t find one that ticked all the boxes. I was then asked if I would like to try one of the new changing bags from the toTs range by smarTrike and the Voyage changing bag looked like it would be perfect for everything we needed.

toTs by smarTrike Voyage Changing Bag

For a start, this bag is massive! I mean seriously huge. I can easily fit cloth nappies and wipes for both boys, a spare outfit each, snacks, drinks, plus all the other random bits and pieces that seem to live in my changing bag; suncream, calpol, tissues, odd gloves (yep, still in there in the middle of summer).

Voyage changing bag packed for two kids

There are plenty of pockets inside the bag to give it a bit of organisation and I used the pocket on the front for my phone and purse. All the toTs changing bags come with a separate insulated bottle holder which has been great for keeping Gabe’s bottle warm when we go out.

Insulated bottle holder

I really like that both the side pockets are also insulated and big enough for Toby’s water bottle when we’re out and about.

Insulated side pockets

The Voyage also comes with an extra inner bag which can be removed or clipped in to the main bag. I think if you were using disposable nappies it would be perfect for popping a few nappies and wipes in so you only needed to take the smaller bag when doing a change. For us it’s not quite big enough to work with cloth nappies but happily it is absolutely the perfect size for my laptop so I’ve been using it for that instead!

It doesn’t stop there though – this bag is packed with fantastic features. I love how it can be carried over your shoulder but also has rucksack straps which can be hidden in the back of the bag when you aren’t using them. When I’m trying to hold Gabe in one arm, and Toby’s hand with the other, the rucksack straps have been brilliant. And it’s great for babywearing too…

Voyage changing bag for babywearing

The bag also comes with buggy straps to hang it from your buggy handle, although I seemed to have packed ours somewhere when I was tidying the house for estate agent pictures and now I can’t find them – luckily our pushchair has a huge basket so the bag will fit in there! There are little things too; a key clip in the front pocket for example. I’ve never bothered using these before but it’s actually brilliant and saves me rooting around in the bottom of the bag for my car keys every time we’re out.

Front pocket for purse and keys

There is also the fact that the bag is made from water repellent fabric – great for when you get caught in a shower but also means it’s wipe clean too.

And lastly I love the fact that this bag doesn’t really look like a changing bag. I even used it as an overnight bag when I went to Blog On last month and it had plenty of space for everything I needed for two nights away. I can see me getting plenty of use out of the toTs Voyage bag even when I don’t need a changing bag anymore.

The only thing that lets this bag down for me is the changing mat that was included – it was just a very small plastic mat. Looking at the pictures on the Smyths Toys website though it does look this has been updated since I got my bag and is now backed with the same fabric as the bag.

Voyage changing bag from toTs by smarTrike

If you don’t need a changing bag quite as big as this one then there are two others in the toTs range too which all have the same great features. There is also bedding, muslins and gorgeous comforters in the range too. Gabe loves his and it’s so soft!

toTs comforter

The toTs by smarTrike Voyage changing bag in Dark Grey Mélange has an RRP of £74.99
**Disclosure: I was sent the featured product in return for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh this just looks perfect – I love how it is sort of a cross between a changing bag and a rucksack, and I love the colour and the fabric too. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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