Living Arrows 2/52 (2017)

I’m back again for another week of Living Arrows (I will post something else one of these days I promise!)

It’s been a quiet week of getting back into our normal routine. The boys went back to nursery without any complaints and I spent the whole of Tuesday cleaning our house from top to bottom, which literally takes all day in a three storey house!

Of course, as I predicted, two days back at nursery has seen Gabe with another cold. I don’t know if his teeth are bothering him too (although second molars at 16 months, surely not?) but he’s been dribbling like crazy for the last few nights. He actually slept all night on Tuesday night, for only the third time in his life but then the nights since then have all been pretty rubbish. I should know better by now than to get excited when he has a good night, it’s almost inevitably followed by even worse sleep than we’re used to. He’ll get there one of these days though and surprise us all.

I usually share happy (or sometimes serious) pictures of the boys but I think sometimes it’s important to share the reality of life with a 16 month old. And the truth is that disturbed nights and a snotty baby lead to a lot of faces that look at bit like this…

Gabe's sad face

(No babies were harmed in the taking of this pictures – he was actually having a strop because I wouldn’t let him grab the camera lens and calmed down straight after)

Toby has been fab this week. I was convinced I was going to have a lot of crying and complaining about going back to nursery but I think he only gave me one half-hearted ‘I don’t want to go to nursery’ and then was quite happy about going back really. He’s been getting out on his new scooter again this week too, and doing really well apart from one falling and face-planting incident. He was fine apart from a fat lip but I was really glad I’d made him wear his helmet because it could have been a lot worse. He got back on though and here he is scooting off into the sunset…

Toby scooting off into the sunset

Living Arrows

10 thoughts on “Living Arrows 2/52 (2017)

  1. Just shows how important helmets are, great work for keeping your little one protected. Sorry to hear about the fat lip though!

    My daughter has regular burst of that face too and then calms right down after!

  2. Oh bless Gabe. It’s rotten being sick isn’t it? And I remember well not knowing if it was sickness or teeth or something else. That photo of Toby is gorgeous – love the light and his trousers are awesome! x

  3. Go Toby getting back on his scooter! Bless Gabe, it’s awful when they’re constantly poorly isn’t it. He most likely could be teething though, Indie got all her teeth really quickly and had a full set by 2! Hope he’s feeling better soon xx

  4. Oh poor Gabe, my 20 month old is cutting the last 3 teeth at the moment and has been quite irritable! My LG goes back to pre school tomorrow and she is so excited… so far.
    Tara x

  5. Poor Gabe, teeth have so much to answer for!!! I learnt with Holly to just take the rare good nights, because her sleep was terrible until she was 20 months old. They do all get there eventually, its just hard until they do. Go Toby, love this shot of him x #LivingArrows

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