Living Arrows 1/52 (2017)

So this post is the first of my fourth year of taking part in the Living Arrows project. It really is fabulous to have a weekly record of the boys and see how much they grow and develop. And just to show you how much they’ve changed, here is Toby in the first ever Living Arrows picture I took…

And the picture from week one of 2015…

And finally week one of 2016…

And 2016 was the first time Gabe appeared in a week one post…

And so to week one of 2017 – these photos were taken on a trip to the park yesterday (although I have to confess I can’t take credit for them – Barry took these). It’s great that both boys can actually play at the park now and Gabe doesn’t just have to watch his big brother from the buggy, but I think it will make taking them both on my own a bit more tricky when they decided to run in opposite directions!

Toby looking through binoculars on the playhouse at the park

Gabe enjoying the park

I just want to say thank you to Donna for keeping Living Arrows going, when I’m struggling to find time for my blog sometimes these are the only posts I manage each week and I’m so happy to be carrying on with them this year. And also thank you to everyone who continues to read these posts – I know I’ve been a bit rubbish at reading and commenting on other posts in the linky for the last couple of months – I promise I’ll be trying harder this year!

Living Arrows

14 thoughts on “Living Arrows 1/52 (2017)

  1. What gorgeous photos of them – really interesting to see how much Toby has changed – they both seem to have grown a lot lately. I can confirm park trips are challenging when they can run in different directions – I guess with us, the big one had to become a lot more sensible very quickly! I agree re: Donna & LivingArrows – it’s quite often the only post I do.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Aww look at Toby grow – how wonderful you have captured those pictures for so long! Park life is interesting with two isn’t it haha, I only head to the ones with a bolted gate and lots of open space now xx

  3. Wow, that’s impressive that you’ve stuck with it so long. It’s amazing to see how much Toby has grown. I attempted it and failed in 2015 and then successfully managed 2016 and I love looking back on my old photos already. It’s quite often the only post I’ll do some weeks if I’ve been struggling to find time to blog.
    I love winter park trips and little ones in woolly hats are so cute! #livingarrows

  4. Oh wow it’s so lovely to see how Toby has grown so much in the last 4 years. Beautiful park captures! It’s so nice that both boys are now able to enjoy the park together. Lol yes it can be a little tricky trying to keep an eye on both boys, but it does get easier. Happy New Year.xx #livingarrows

  5. Ah you don’t have to thank me! Living Arrows is one of the only things that keeps WTRS focused on the children – and I never want to lose that. Thank you for being so consistent! I’m not sure many people are still here after 4 years! I love seeing how Toby has grown – and look at him now!! x

  6. I’m on year 4 too. I know what you mean – it’s a nice easy way to get a post up and still have plenty of time free for other things.

    Lovely photos. I always think parks make for great pics. #livingarrows

  7. This is my first year joining in with Living Arrows, it is so lovely to see that you have so many memories captured from it. These are lovely photos. xx

  8. Hi Sarah, I’m new to Living Arrows this year, it’s so lovely that you’ve been doing it for so long! Toby has changed so much! Love his picture playing lookout 🙂 Totally get where you’re coming from with going to the park with two!! We stay in the gated playground mostly but I still have to do a lot of chasing, haha.

  9. I love these photos so much, G loves binoculars too. And wow how lovely to look back on the changes, I hope to join in more this year. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend #livingarrows

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