Living Arrows 2/52 (2016)

I’m sure a lot of people are having the same trouble, but this dismal weather we’ve been having has meant we haven’t got out much, and so haven’t taken any outdoor photos, and the light inside is awful too making any kind of photography difficult.

So having said that I’m quite pleased with how this week’s Living Arrows pictures have turned out.

2_52 16 T

This one of Toby is actually just an iPhone picture. I am genuinely scared of balloons, not when they are just harmlessly hanging around but when people are touching them, particularly when little kids are squeezing and biting them. I hate it! I don’t want Toby to feel my fear, or be deprived though so he occasionally gets a balloon to play with. I had been blowing this one up and then letting it go so it blew itself around the room. I’d been doing it for ages though and needed a break so Toby was trying to blow the balloon up himself. It’s certainly a skill he hadn’t mastered yet though – he mostly just ended up covered in drool!

2_52 16 G

This one of Gabe I managed to grab one morning when he was having a bit of tummy time and there was actually a half decent amount of light. He’s so inquisitive now, I just love his little face!
And lastly how could I not include this one of both my boys? When Toby saw me taking pictures of Gabe he went and laid down next to him – I didn’t even have to ask! I love how they’re looking at each other. Gabe is so interested in everything his big brother does now, and Toby seems to be realising that maybe Gabe isn’t that boring after all.

2_52 16

Living Arrows

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