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In Toby’s first year and a half most of his clothes came from either Tesco or Asda. He had a few bits from places like Next and Marks and Spencer, and he was lucky enough to have a Nana who lived round the corner from a Jojo Maman Bebe shop so he had lots of things from there too. Generally though he grew out of things so quickly that it just wasn’t worth spending a lot of money on them. However he started wearing age 2-3 clothes early last year and he has only recently started moving into the next size. His clothes still get a bit of a battering with the amount they’re worn but he doesn’t seem to get quite so messy at nursery any more so I feel happier spending a bit more on clothes that are well made and will last.

I thought it was about time I started sharing some of Toby’s outfits with you (and I’ll probably post some of Gabe’s too at some point). I also like to support independent retailers and small manufacturers where I can these days and there are so many fabulous online shops now so I’ll be sharing some of my favourites with you as we go along.

I think I need to get Toby to work on his modelling poses though, and find somewhere better to take pictures of him too!

Tobias and the Bear

The sweatshirt is from Marks and Spencer. It was another gift from Nana which she gave to Toby probably six months ago but he’s only just got big enough for it. He doesn’t really wear jumpers that much but it’s been so chilly lately that this one has come in useful. I love the colours on him too.

I love Toby in leggings, he’s got loads and he always seems so comfy in them. These are new ones from Tobias & the Bear. The material is a little thicker than some of the other leggings he has so they’re perfect for this wintery weather we’re having too. And I think £16 is a very reasonable price for something that is designed and handmade in the UK.

I’ll try and work on my photography and outfit putting together skills for next time (maybe some shoes would be good?)

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