Living Arrows 11/52 (2015)

I’m late again this week. The weekend was a bit of a write off with me being sick on Saturday and then Barry succumbing on Sunday, although whatever bug we had it seems Toby has somehow managed to avoid it. I’ve now got a cold as well and have had hardly any voice for the last few days…it just never ends does it?

Anyway we did manage a trip to one of the parks near our house on Sunday morning and Toby was absolutely loving the slide. When we first started taking him to the park he used to hate the slide but now it seems to be his favourite thing, he was just going round and round, off the bottom and back up the steps again. It was very cute!

11_52 15

(I also realise that a lot of my Living Arrows pictures lately show Toby in the same hat and coat, he does have other clothes I promise!)

Living Arrows

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