Gender preference?

This time next week, all being well, we will have found out the gender of our baby! When we were having Toby we found out at the 20 week scan that we were having a boy but decided to keep it to ourselves, although I did tell my mum and dad because I kept almost accidentally telling my mum every time I spoke to her anyway! This time though, if we can find out then we’re quite happy to share the news with everyone.

Gender preference

So the big question is what is it going to be? Another boy? A few people have asked me if I have a preference whether it is a boy or a girl and the honest truth is that if I had a choice then I would like a girl. I think this mostly comes from the fact that I grew up with an older brother who is exactly two years older than me (to the day!) and barring a few childhood arguments we have always got on really well. Toby will turn two in the month before this baby is due so there’s going to be a very similar age gap as there is between me and my brother. I think having grown up with a brother I don’t know any different and I just can’t imagine having two boys!

There is of course the slightly more frivolous reason for wanting a girl, which is that there is so much more choice when it comes to girl’s clothes! Every time I go to buy clothes for Toby I’m always drawn to look at all the lovely girls clothes you can get. And if I had a girl she could wear dresses in summer and show off all our cute cloth nappies too!

I’ve always said I only want two kids so whatever this one turns out to be will be it. I really have no inkling what we are going to find out at the scan next week, and of course above all else, I just hope that the baby is healthy. I’ve been trying to convince myself that it’s going to be another boy so that if it is I won’t be disappointed and if it is a girl it will be a happy surprise. Either way I’m glad we get to find out now and have plenty of time to get used to the idea whichever one it is. I guess all I can really do for now is just wait and see what next week reveals. (And don’t worry, all will be revealed here too!)

It’s something we don’t talk about very much but did you have a preference when it came to the gender of your baby? How did you feel if the gender wasn’t what you were hoping for?

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7 thoughts on “Gender preference?

  1. Great post lovely!
    It’s definitely a topic that isn’t discussed enough. I remember with my first pregnancy there being lots of controversy over it on babycentre groups people getting nasty about people having preferences!

    I have my scan next week too and can’t wait to find out! I don’t have a strong preference either way as I can see exciting things about having either!

    What day is your scan? Mines Thursday! X

  2. I always imagined myself with a girl for some reason, but I really didn’t mind when I found out we were having a boy, I thought I might have been a bit sad (we had already decided to stick at one) but no, just happy and kind of intrigued, if that makes sense. I do have brothers but they are a fair bit younger than me and I have never lived with them so my experience of living with little boys was very limited. Clothes I consider a fun challenge to get as much colour as possible. Hope your scan goes well!

  3. We didn’t have a preference for the first, and didn’t find out either. We were both sure that this second baby would be a girl for some reason but have been reliably informed he is a he! I’ll find out soon enough, but I too thought boys clothes were naff but have actually found some lovely bits in my searching!

  4. I think many will connect with you on this. You have a good attitude towards it and I think this will come in handy if you find out you’re not having a girl. Either way, you’ll probably look back in years to come and feel that you wouldn’t change the gender of either of your children. #MaternityMatters

  5. I always wanted a boy. I have 4 sisters and lots of nieces, boys don’t seem to run in our family! So when I found out I was having Luka I was over the moon! Even more so now that I have 3 girls and just the one boy 🙂 ultimately though I onviously just wanted a healthy baby. Looking forward to hearing if bump is a boy or girl !
    Thanks for linking to #MaternityMatters x x

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