Fit by 40 // The weight loss diaries (Day 83-102)

Here’s the latest instalment in my weight loss diaries – I’m now up to 102 days and 25 lb loss. This is how I’ve been  feeling for the last three weeks or so and how I’m trying to plan for what is still to come. I’ve also included a little video of what I eat in a typical day following the Shake That Weight Woman with Meal plan. You can read the rest of my Fit by 40 posts here.

Fit by 40 weight loss diaries

20th August 2017 (Day 83)

Wow, 83 days, and that is 83 days without booze too! I haven’t written much recently and I think I probably should have done. Last week was good really – I stuck to the plan nearly all the time and lost another 2lbs. But then it was Gabe and Toby’s birthday party yesterday. We had a BBQ and food wise I made some sensible choices for the most part, but then I did eat quite a lot of cake, and some more today. It’s done now though and the rest of the week has been good so hopefully the effect on the scales won’t be too drastic. I’m pleased to be safely in the 11 stone bracket now but that still means I’ve got at least another stone to lose, if not a bit more. There was another positive this last week though – I bought some size 12 jeans! I was looking for a 14 but they didn’t have any so I decided to try a 12 and they fit! It even inspired me to get some of my old ‘thin’ clothes out of storage – there’s a way to go before they’ll fit but it’s good to have something to aim for!

26th August 2017 (Day 89)

I still managed to lose a pound last week, despite the cake, but I’m definitely losing my motivation at the moment. I know the weight is coming off and any loss is a move in the right direction but it just seems to be going frustratingly slowly at the moment. Yesterday was a bit of a write off though – we were at a friend’s house so I had pizza for lunch (not loads but probably more than my 400 calorie meal allowance for the day), and then we went out for ice cream. I only had one scoop that I shared with Gabe, and I know I could just say no and not have any at all but I think then I would be just miserable – and much more likely to crack and end up binging on something at home. As it happened I still came home and despite planning on having a shake for tea I ended up just eating Gabe’s leftovers, and then a banana oat muffin and a big piece of cheese! On a positive not though, I was back on plan today whereas previously a day like yesterday might have seen me plummet into a spiral of over-eating and self-destruction. So I’m going to call that progress!

31st August 2017 (Day 94)

So I’ve been at this quite a while now – I’m a bit frustrated at how slowly I am losing weight but I have lost every single week so far. Barry is going away for the two weeks in September for work, with only a brief return home during the middle weekend, so I am planning on following the full ‘Total Food Replacement’ plan while he’s not here. I hope that will give me a bit of a boost and a push closer to my goal. I was hoping to be at my goal weight for BlogOn towards the end of September but that’s definitely not going to happen now. My new aim is October half term, and then I’ll have a couple of months to work on maintaining before Christmas hits.

Of course my overall goal was to be ‘Fit by 40’ – I want to get to my healthy weight as soon as possible though, and then practice maintaining that weight until my 40th birthday and beyond. I’m still doing my yoga too, although rather sporadically at the moment. I’m hoping starting doing school runs (and sometimes four a day when Gabe is at preschool) will help with the fitness aspect too.

I’m working hard on squashing my negative thoughts as I go through this process. There’s always a little voice in the back of my head telling me that I’m not doing well enough, that I could be losing more weight and losing it more quickly. But then I try to remind myself that I am doing it, I am losing weight and it doesn’t matter how slowly it happens as long as it does happen and that weight disappears, never to be seen again.

8th September 2017 (Day 102)

Wow! Over 100 days on this plan now (and without a drink!). I lost almost 3lb this week, taking me to 25lb lost overall, and I’m finally feeling like I’m getting close to the end. I got another big Shake That Weight order this week – enough for another 7 weeks which hopefully is enough to get me to my goal weight. And after that I have to work on staying at that weight, or there abouts. I’ve still got a way to go before I get there though so for now I’m just concentrating sticking to the plan as much as I can, controlling my portion sizes, and working my way closer to my goal.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, if you’re interested in what I eat in a day on the Shake That Weight meal replacement diet I’ve made little video to show you…

** Disclosure: After receiving a four week trial of Shake That Weight in exchange for an honest review I continued to buy the products myself. I do receive a discount but I have not been asked to write about Shake That Weight any further.

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