Rise & Shine // 6 of the best ways to brighten your mornings

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If everyone told the truth, they would admit that the morning isn’t their favourite part of the day. How can it be? It’s cold, it’s early, and it forces you to get out of bed when you want to hide under the covers. Alas, get up you must because the kids don’t understand the concept of a lie in. Their idea of sleeping in is waiting until seven in the morning to cause havoc!

Although getting up is difficult, it is a necessary way to start the day. So, it doesn’t make sense that the majority of the world’s population hate waking in the morning. In a perfect world, we would jump out of bed and start the day with a bang.
Best ways to brighten your morning

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The world might not be perfect, but it is possible to begin the day as you mean to go on. Here is how to brighten up the mornings the upcoming mornings.

Leave A Gap In The Curtains

An excellent way to get more sleep is to black out the room so that there is no light. Then, the brain produces more melatonin and shuts down the body for seven to nine hours. Unfortunately, this can make life harder in the morning. Because there is no light, there is no way for the brain to know that it is time to awake. So, when the alarm goes off, you will feel groggy and sleepy. With a slight crack in the curtains, the light will creep into the room when the sun rises. Therefore, the brain will begin to slow the production of melatonin and increase adrenaline. When the alarm blasts out, you should be half awake already. It’s sneaky but effective.

Don’t Miss Breakfast

Yep, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why? It’s because it provides the body with energy for the rest of the day. But, it can also improve your mood. Let’s face it – people aren’t good when they are hungry. And, whether you feel it or not, you will be hungry after seven hours in bed. For most people, waking up equates to more than ten hours fasting. When you wake up, then, the body can be devoid of energy and this can affect your mood. Eating breakfast is an excellent way of supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to cheer up. Plus, everyone perks up when they sit down to a boiled egg and soldiers!
Don't miss breakfast

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Get Your Daily Hit Of Drugs

“What? I have never taken drugs in my life!” Don’t worry; no one is accusing you of doping! But, just because you don’t partake in banned substances doesn’t mean you don’t fill your body with chemicals. From alcohol to paracetamol, there are lots of drugs which the average person consumes on a daily basis. And, the most common one is caffeine. If you are like the rest of the planet, you will start your day with a cup of java. After all, caffeine is a stimulant which increases brain activity. The only problem is standing around waiting for the kettle to boil. For all you addicts, a quick hit is essential to stop you from relapsing. This is where boiling taps are useful. A quality range of boiling water taps will heat the water in a matter of seconds so that there is no reason to wait for a mug of Joe. Remember that the quicker it gets into your system, the faster your morning will brighten.

Stretch In Bed

Stretching out in bed feels great. The scientific reason for this is increased blood flow to the muscles. After a night of sleep, the body is slower and less active than usual. Don’t be too harsh on yourself because it’s the body’s way of slowing down after a hard day at work. It will soon get up to speed, but there is nothing wrong with a little push. By stretching all of your extremities, the blood begins to pump around the body and reach the vital organs. With more blood comes more oxygen, and oxygen is essential in keeping you awake and alert. From your legs to your arms and fingers, don’t leave a body part unmassaged. A tip: focus on the neck. Your brain is the most vital organ and it needs as much oxygen as possible.

Put Off Major Decisions

Anyone who has tried to make a decision in the morning will know it isn’t a simple task. Even deciding what clothes to wear or what to have for breakfast can take a while. Of course, every decision is more difficult when you are tired because the brain isn’t at maximum capacity. So, it doesn’t make sense to put your physical and mental health through the ringer every morning. Instead, avoid the big decisions as soon as you wake up and make them the night before instead. Or, leave them until the sweet spot later on in the day. Then, you can go about your mornings without any hassle or stress. It goes without saying, but when cortisol levels rise, that is when the mornings feel like a living hell.

Wake Up Earlier

All of the above require one thing: to get up before your alarm. When people set wake-up calls, they always leave the smallest room for error. Although getting enough sleep is important, rushing around the house isn’t a great way to start the day. And, if you have to stretch, drink coffee, and eat breakfast, there is no time to waste. By getting up early, you can begin at a leisurely pace and grow into the rest of the day. It doesn’t have to be one hour or thirty-minutes beforehand because that’s too much. But, ten to fifteen-minutes should make it easier to cope in the mornings. Of course, you can always go to bed earlier so that there is no need to wake up prematurely. Whatever you decide, don’t rush around in the morning because it’s a bad way to start.

Hopefully, these tips will turn you into a morning person!

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