Living Arrows 37/52 (2017)

This week has been all about Toby starting school. He had his first day on Tuesday and we did have a bit of a fight to get him to put his uniform on, and then he finally admitted he was scared (and excited too). He calmed down quickly enough though and by the time we had walked to school and he was going into the classroom he was absolutely fine!

He did three mornings and one full day last week, and although I have very little idea what he got up to while he was there, by all accounts he had a good time. I just hope he keeps up the positive attitude this week, especially as Barry is going to Germany for work today and won’t be back until Friday night and then he’s going back on Sunday for another week!

Anyway, this week’s Living Arrows picture for Toby is the obligatory standing in front of the door photo. Unfortunately the weather was rubbish so we couldn’t take it outside, and the light was rubbish as it was quite dark inside. I’m quite proud of my sign though…

Toby standing in front of the door on his first day of primary school

On Saturday I thought we would have a quiet day at home to recover from a tiring week. Gabe started at his new preschool last week too – I stayed with him on Tuesday and then on Thursday I left him there and he was a little superstar. I don’t know what was up with him on Saturday though because he was really grumpy all day. He and Toby spent all day winding each other up and to be honest I couldn’t wait until bedtime!

We decided yesterday though that we really needed to get out of the house. Everyone was in a better mood anyway so we headed out in the car to a nearby country park that we’ve never been to before. The skies were looking very grey but we went anyway. We got the boys in their waterproofs and wellies when we got there and headed off for a walk… at which point it started chucking it down! We did brave the rain for a little go in the play park before retiring to the cafe to dry out a bit.

Gabe didn’t seem to mind the rain though, and was happy on the swing even if it was a bit soggy!

Gabe enjoying a swing in the rain

Gabe is so cute at the moment (most of the time anyway!) – he is learning new words every day and it’s so lovely to see him so proud of himself when he says something for the first time.

So that’s all for this week – wish me luck with my solo parenting week and hopefully I’ll still be here to tell the tale next week!

Living Arrows

8 thoughts on “Living Arrows 37/52 (2017)

  1. Doesn’t Toby look so grown up? I love that he wants to be a jungle adventurer – mine just about wants to be a nursery worker as they made such an impression on her! I have to say that although they were hard, I miss the toddler years and the feeling of pure joy they get when they master something #LivingArrows

  2. Sounds like Toby got on really well last week, hope he keeps on enjoying it! My two were both back at school last week and were left so tired by it, I’m sure that’s the reason behind any grumpiness we had. Hope your week of solo parenting goes smoothly! x #LivingArrows

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