Living Arrows 51/52 (2020)

Toby pointing at sign on his Beaver Scout treasure hunt

Well, we made it to the end of term, now I’m just crossing everything that we don’t get a message to say either of the boys has to self-isolate this week. We don’t have any big plans but still being in Tier 3 we’re hoping to see my mum, dad and brother on Christmas Day. With the way things are at the moment though anything could change in the next 5 days couldn’t it?

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Living Arrows 45/52 (2020)

Gabe bouncing on the trampoline

As we headed back into lockdown, and were on the edge of our seats waiting to see who won the US election, everything else continued much the same as normal for us. As I mentioned last week Toby’s class had to self-isolate due to a case of Covid so after three days of home learning (the rest of the isolation was during half term) he was able to go back to school on Thursday.

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