Living Arrows 11/52 (2022)

I can’t quite believe another week has passed and we’re now over half way to the Easter holidays! We’re very much on covid watch here again at the moment as cases in the boys’ school are higher than they’ve ever been. Last week there were 10 cases in Toby’s class alone! I know they boys only had it at Christmas but from what I’ve seen that’s no guarantee they won’t catch it again. All we can do for now is cross our fingers and keep testing…

Anyway, enough about covid for now. We had a very chilled weekend – I was determined to just relax and do nothing on Saturday. I think it’s the first Saturday since before Christmas that I’ve not either been doing something with the boys or at my mum’s house helping her sort out the ongoing admin that there has been a ton of since my dad died. Of course I don’t mind doing either of those things but it was lovely to have a day at home just to chill.

The boys love a PJ day too, so everyone was happy. It was just a normal weekend for them really – homework, Street Monkeys, a bath, and plenty of screen time.

Gabe sitting at the dining table doing his homework

I’m grateful that, so far, the boys are pretty good at getting their homework done without too much complaint. They only get it once a week though, I don’t think they’ll be quite so willing when it ramps up in a few years time.

The weekend is the only time Toby and Gabe don’t have to read their school reading books every day but we always make sure they read at least once before they go back to school on a Monday. I still haven’t turned either of them into the voracious reader I was when I was a kid but they do both enjoy reading at least, and being read to as well.

Toby sitting in a chair by the bed with his head down reading

I think that’s probably all I’ve got to tell you for now, I’ll be back again next week and hopefully we’ll all still be covid free!

This is my ninth year taking part in this linky celebrating childhood, based on a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” .

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Living Arrows

4 thoughts on “Living Arrows 11/52 (2022)

  1. Ours only have homework once a week at the moment – I think A will have a shock to the system when it gets to secondary school next year! Love a chilled weekend x

  2. The cases here are really on the rise too and we are planning to be away for Easter so a little worried! Keeping everything crossed. Harry is not a fan of reading but Charlie has now finally caught the bug. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

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