Living Arrows 19/52 (2022)

If you read last week’s post you’ll know we went away camping at the weekend. It wasn’t looking great when the rain started on Friday afternoon, and it was still raining when we packed the car and set off after tea. But by the time we arrived at our campsite at 7 pm the rain had stopped and we had a glorious weekend of sunshine and fun with friends.

We were staying in Bolton-le-Sands at Red Bank Farm campsite. It’s right by the sea and only 45 minutes from home so perfect for a weekend away for us. We didn’t do very much while we were there – we were camping with two other families so the children were happy playing together in the field for most of the time.

We did walk to the pub for tea on Saturday, and that was the only time we left the campsite! We had a lovely wander along the coast followed by a delicious meal at The Hest Bank, then a stroll back to the campsite.

Gabe laughing in a pub, wearing a purple t-shirt

I took this picture of Gabe in the pub. I was trying to get him to do a natural smile instead of his ‘photo smile’ that he always does when he sees a camera pointing his way! He couldn’t do it though – so we ended up with this laughing picture instead.

On Sunday as we were packing up we got our kites out for the children to have a go. The boys were given two big kites as a gift nearly 4 years ago, and despite taking them with us on several holidays we’ve never actually flown them before!

Toby flying a kite on a campsite

After a lovely weekend we came home, unpacked and made a start on the washing…. and then because what I thought was hayfever had turned into a bit of a cough, I decided I should probably do a covid test before going on my first aid course the next day. And after two and bit years, it finally got me! Barry then did a test and he’s got it too…

The boys still seem fine – they both had Covid at Christmas so hopefully are still holding onto some immunity from them. I’ve been taking them to school in the car and just dropping them at the gate – at least they’re big enough for me to do that now otherwise I don’t know how I’d get them there.

Fortunately neither of us are very ill – we’ve both got nasty coughs, feel a bit short of breath and very tired but I think that’s what counts as mild these days! Fingers crossed I’ll feel better in another couple of days and will be back at work next week!

This is my ninth year taking part in this linky celebrating childhood, based on a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” .

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Living Arrows

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  1. Sounds like a brilliant weekend to me and the fact the weather was kind to you. Sorry to hear about the covid but it sounds like you are both doing okay. Hopefully by now you are all better x

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