Living Arrows 8/52 (2022)

Toby and Gabe in the big and small room at the Puzzling Place, Keswick

Last week was our half term and after a weekend at Cub and Beaver camp we spent a few days in the Lake District. We were staying in a cottage not far from Keswick, and despite some pretty miserable weather it was lovely to get away and spend some time away from home. I was definitely grateful that I made it through another half term without catching covid and we didn’t have to cancel any of our plans!


Living Arrows 7/52 (2022)

Gabe and Toby tired but happy in the car after camp

OK, so this post is so late it’s almost time for next week’s already! One of these days I’ll actually get into a proper routine and start posting them on time again… Anyway, we’ve been away in the Lake District this week but I’m going to save those photos for next week’s post. This week’s were taken when we were on Cub and Beaver camp last weekend.

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Living Arrows 4/52 (2022)

Toby with wet hair, both thumbs up and pulling a silly face

Here we are again, another week done, and another week of negative lateral flow tests for us! The virus is rife at school at the moment, and even though the boys only had it at Christmas I’m still conscious that they could easily get it again. And even though I avoided it when they had it, I don’t know if I’m going to dodge it again… only time will tell I guess!

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Living Arrows 3/52 (2022)

Gabe in the bath with his wet hair stuck up at the front

We made it through our first full week back at school. Well, actually only the boys did a full week, I wasn’t in on Wednesday as it was my Dad’s funeral. It was a hard day, but so many people came and it was actually lovely to catch up with loads of people that I’ve not seen for years. I just wish it could have been in happier circumstances!

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Living Arrows 2/52 (2022)

Toby playing on his tablet at Street Monkeys

Here I am again, even though I only wrote my last post a few days ago, I’m trying to get back on track. With the boys (and me) back at school now, and back into our normal routine, there really isn’t much to say this week. Even though the pandemic still appears to be in full swing, and there are quite a few cases at school I’m pleased that for the moment at least most things are carrying on as normal.

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Living Arrows 1/52 (2022)

Gabe in McDonalds about to eat a chicken nugget

I didn’t quite start the year as I meant to go on by publishing my first Living Arrows post on time, and if I’m honest I was quite tempted not to post at all. I used to write about all sorts of things on this blog of mine, but in the last year or so (since the start of the pandemic really) I have been posting less and less until it has got to the point where these weekly posts about the boys and what we’ve been up to are the only ones I ever write!

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