Living Arrows 5/52 (2022)

I’ve not got much to say this week – life carries on, and I have dodged covid for another week! Actually, I do have some big news this week. After being wobbly for months, Gabe’s front tooth finally came out after he somehow managed to knee himself in the face on Tuesday!

Gabe smiling for the camera, showing off the gap where one of his top teeth has come out

Since that tooth came out the one next to it has gone super wobbly too, so I don’t think that one will be far behind. And then when his adult teeth come through, we enter the stage where his teeth will look too big for his face for a while. I can’t imagine what he’s going to look like when that happens!

Toby’s picture this week was taken at Street Monkeys again. It’s not a great photo because I took it through a window but I was pleased to be able to get a close up shot, usually they are practising on the other side of the building and it’s harder to see what’s going on.

Toby jumping up onto a wall at Street Monkeys

That’s all for this week, I’ll be back next week with another Living Arrows update…

This is my ninth year taking part in this linky celebrating childhood, based on a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” .

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Living Arrows

4 thoughts on “Living Arrows 5/52 (2022)

  1. He looks pretty pleased with himself. I don’t like it when their big teeth start to come through. Charlie still looks a bit goofy. Looks like Toby is lost in concentration. Hope you manage to dodge it for another week.

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