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Tights for boys were another thing I had never really considered until Toby was about six months old. It wasn’t that I had anything against the idea, I just hadn’t really thought about it. Then I heard about Slugs & Snailsand I was hooked! Tights are just so practical – they are comfy, they don’t restrict movement (great for crawling, exploring and running), and for me the best thing is that wearing tights means there are no socks to fall off!

Slugs & Snails bums

Slugs & Snails is a family run company based in Ireland. Although they are perhaps best known for their ‘tights for boys’ in fact they just sell fabulous unisex tights in a whole host of funky designs. They come in sizes from 0-6 months to 4-5 years and they even sell a few designs in adult sizes (which I haven’t actually succumbed to buying…yet!) They are all made from at least Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 yarns, and in fact most are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and this is being phased in completely.

You can buy these fantastic tights direct from Slugs & Snails or from lots of other stockists.

Brolly slugs

Anyway, this week I mainly want to show you Toby and Gabe in their matching Slugs & Snails tights. This design is called Brolly and I love it! Toby is wearing age 3-4 and Gabe 0-6 months. Toby’s still got plenty of room left in his but I don’t think Gabe’s will fit for too much longer. They have got plenty of stretch though so they do last for a long time. Toby wore the 12-18 months size from about 8 months until he was probably just past 18 months, and we all know how tall he is because I go on about it often enough! He then moved straight into age 2-3 which still fit him now, apart from his amazing Elf tights (I can’t wait to put Gabe in these next Christmas) which were 18-24 months.

As well as the matching tights that the boys have I thought I’d show you all the other Slugs & Snails that Toby has had (and which will be making an appearance on Gabe’s legs soon no doubt).

Invaders slugs

Rockets slugs

Elf slugs

Toadstools slugs

Storm slugs

He has had some other tights that haven’t been Slugs but they’re nowhere near as much fun as these!

I love this last picture of the boys together. I can just imagine them lying like this, watching TV together or playing some game, in years to come. But for now it’s just cute…and look how long Toby’s legs look!

Slugs & Snails

5 thoughts on “What Toby & Gabe Wore // Slugs & Snails

  1. I love the funky patterns! I’ve had Lucas in tights for the last couple of months as he pulls socks and shoes off and I didn’t want him having bare feet in the cold x

  2. Gorgeous! We love Slugs & Snails too, although B has gone quite anti-tights recently. H is reaching the age where he can fit into her old ones… and he can’t put up a fuss yet 😉 Lovely photos! xxx #FunkyKidFriday xx

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