Ways to use Blu Tack that you might not have thought of // #BluHacks

I’m sure we’ve all used Blu Tack to stick pictures on the wall or notes to the fridge but it as so many other uses too. I’ve been working with Bostik and they asked me to share my #BluHacks – ways of using Blu Tack that you might not expect.

Blu Tack for Kids’ Crafting

We use Blu Tack a lot when the boys are drawing and painting – it’s really useful to hold their paper in place on the table so it doesn’t move while they’re busy creating. We used it when making these Christmas cards to hold them closed while the boys were decorating them.

Sticking jewels on a Christmas Card with Bostik Foam Pads

Easy to re-position

Blu Tack is very handy if you want to keep re-positioning something. We used to have reward chart for Toby that he moved a picture of himself along as he met his targets. Blu Tack made it easy for him to lift the picture off and reattach it himself.

Toby moving up his reward chart

For Miniature Painting

One of Barry’s hobbies is painting miniature models. It is really fine, intricate work and he needs to hold the miniatures close to paint them. Rather than hold the model itself and get paint all over his fingers, he uses Blu Tack to stick the model to the top of a paint pot while he’s working on it.

BluHacks for minature painting

He also uses Blu Tack when sticking the models together to mask areas where he doesn’t want the glue to go. It is easily mouldable and can be removed when it’s no longer needed.

Blu Tack to Hold Tools

Blu Tack is also great for holding tools, brushes, pencils etc in place when you put them down so they don’t end up rolling off the table or out of reach. Barry uses toothpicks in his model painting and keeps them stuck in a blob of Blu Tack so they’re easy to pick up when he needs one.

Blu Tack uses for miniature model painting

So there’s a few of our #BluHacks – do you have any interesting or useful ways of using Blu Tack? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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