Living Arrows 30/52

At the beginning of this week my brother and sister-in-law were up visiting from London. They haven’t seen Toby for months and apart from a brief wobble (and some tears) when we first picked Mark up from the station Toby got on great with his uncle and auntie. On Tuesday we went to visit the Kelpies – massive horse head statues that have just opened in a new park outside Falkirk. We had a look at the horses, a lovely picnic lunch and very melty ice cream. I managed to set the camera up on the timer on a wall and get this photo of us all (Claire and her twins came too).

30_52 2

In the evening we went for dinner to a new pub that has opened recently near us. Toby is so good when we go out, as long as I keep him topped up with breadsticks until the food arrives! I can’t actually take credit for this week’s Living Arrows picture – my sister-in-law Becca took it while we were waiting for our meals to arrive. She’s a photographer by trade and always takes such great pictures, even when it’s just an iPhone snap!



Toby has been a bit happier and sleeping better this week too. I was definitely right about the teething though – both his top first molars have cut this week. We’ve only got a tiny corner of each one so far though so there’s still plenty more upset to come I’m sure!

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  1. What a great photo with the Kelpies! We’ve only ever driven past them and John goes mad at that – I’d love to get our and have a proper look at them one day. And I just love Toby’s dimples in the second photo! xo

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