Easy Christmas Card Craft for Kids with Bostik

With Christmas just around the corner Toby and Gabe have been getting crafty and making some easy Christmas cards to send to their grandparents. We used craft materials provided by Bostik to make the cards. In this post I’ll show you which products we used, and how you can make this easy Christmas Card craft for kids too.

Christmas Tree Christmas card craft

Materials for Christmas Tree Card Craft

Christmas Tree Cards with Bostik

To make the Christmas cards we used:

  • Card blanks like these from Amazon (affiliate link), but any card will do.
  • Green felt
  • Glitter pom poms
  • Jewels
  • Wooden Christmas button shapes
  • Bostik PVA Glue
  • Bostik Foam Pads
  • Bostik Glitter Glue

We used jewels, pom poms and Christmas button shapes to decorate our cards but you can really use anything you have available.

Making the Christmas Tree

Using Bostik PVA Glue on the felt Christmas Tree

I drew a Christmas tree onto paper and used this as template to cut out the green felt. If you don’t have felt you could easily use green card instead. Then the boys used the PVA glue to stick the trees to their cards.

Bostik PVA Glue comes in a really easy to use bottle, simply twist up the top then squeeze. It’s great for children to use without ending up with glue everywhere!

Attaching the Decorations

Bostik Foam Pads used to attach decorations

Next the boys used the Bostik foam pads to stick decorations onto their trees. These are quite small and can be a little fiddly but actually Toby (who is 6) managed them no problem, and for Gabe (who is 4) I could stick them on the decorations for him and he just stuck them on his card wherever he wanted.

Sticking jewels on a Christmas Card with Bostik Foam Pads

Using Glitter Glue for Tinsel

Adding Glitter Glue Tinsel

Lastly the boys used the Bostik Glitter Glue pens to add tinsel to their trees. These come in a pack with 6 different colours and again were easy for the boys to use. Just one tip though – the lids of the Glitter Glue pens just pull off. If you try to unscrew them then the tip of the pen will come off inside the lid and can be a bit tricky to get back on again (as Gabe discovered!)

Easy Christmas Card Craft for Kids with Bostik

The Finished Product

Toby and Gabe very happy with the Christmas cards they made

Toby and Gabe were delighted with their finished cards and can’t wait to send them to their grandparents.

Have you been making any Christmas crafts with your little ones? If you’ve enjoyed this craft why not Pin it for later?

Easy Christmas Card Craft for kids

Disclosure: We were provided with craft materials and Bostik products in exchange for this post.

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