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I thought I’d do something a bit different in this week’s ‘What Toby Wore’ post – in previous posts I’ve focused on one item of clothing or outfit and these have definitely been some of Toby’s (and Gabe’s) better, and more expensive, clothes. So this week I just took a quick snap of Toby on my phone every day and I’m just going to show you some of his other clothes.

Three of these were on nursery days so I tend to put Toby in things that I don’t mind getting messy, although to be fair he doesn’t get anywhere near as mucky at nursery these days as he used to so I don’t just stick to supermarket clothes like I did when he was smaller!

Maxomorra and Morrisons

On Monday he wore these green Maxomorra joggers – I probably wouldn’t have chosen this colour myself but I got them in a lucky dip box from Little Footprint Boutique a while ago and I actually really like them. The top is from Morrison’s and I got it ages ago – it’s actually getting a bit small but Toby hasn’t really got anything else that goes with these trousers at the moment! I think I’ve mentioned Toby’s boots before – they’re from Bobux and he loves them, especially because he can put them on by himself.

Next and Joules

Tuesday was this dinosaur t-shirt from Next which Toby loves. It was a Christmas present but he’s only just started wearing it because I’ve just swapped nearly all his 2-3 clothes for the 3-4 stuff I had been accumulating. Everything is still a bit big but the smaller size was getting too small and also he’s been wearing most of it since he was 18 months and I was getting bored of him wearing the same things all the time! The navy joggers are from Joules – a gift from his Nana. Trousers are a bit of a nightmare on Toby at the moment as he’s so skinny they all fall down – we have to try and get ones with drawstring waists but then he doesn’t like having them tied. These joggers aren’t too bad though and stay up pretty well.

Lilly & Sid, Little Bird, Princess & the frock

Wednesday isn’t a nursery day for Toby so he was wearing leggings from The Princess & the Frock who I’ve featured before, a t-shirt from Little Bird at Mothercare which I bought over a year ago but it only just fits him, and his hoodie is from Lilly & Sid. Oh, and his socks were in a multipack from Asda – can you believe he’s wearing size 9-12 socks at two and three quarters? I think he’s going to have big feet like his dad!

Maxomorra and H & M

Thursday was another nursery day and as you can see Toby wasn’t that keen on having his picture taken! His top is another from Maxomorra. As much as I love all their prints, the Maxomorra basics are fab too. Toby has a couple of other t-shirts from the basics range and you can really tell the difference in the quality between these and the cheap supermarket clothes that I always used to buy. They aren’t that expensive either and my thinking is that the better quality will mean they will last better for Gabe to wear them too. The jeans are from H & M and he’s had them ages. They are 2-3 and starting to get a bit short and I’ve actually got him another pair in 3-4 but they’re huge!

And that’s it for this week. Does your little one have different weekday clothes or is it just me?

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13 thoughts on “What Toby Wore // Everyday clothes

  1. I do love the brightness of the Little Bird Range, I always have to size up for my kids, they must have overly large heads or something as the necks always seem a bit tight, haha!
    The Next dino top is so fun, if it is still available I may have to get it đŸ™‚
    Sophie x

  2. I love how you’ve really mixed and matched his outfits during the week. Really liking the Dinosaur top from Next and the little bird top, lovely bright colours #WeekendTotStyle #funkykidfriday

  3. Wow! First of all I need to say his hair is AMAZING! I’m with you on the nursery attire. My two ore requisite are comfort and I wouldn’t be heartbroken if it got stained. The red star leggings outfit is my fave X #weekendtotstyle

  4. Sometimes I am sure you are describing my Archie not Toby! Archie is so skinny that we struggle with a lot of trousers (and leggings are always baggy on him) and we have just moved into 3-4 too. I love the simple everyday style and those Max joggers are amazing! I would never have chosen that colour either but they really look great

  5. Fab outfits! I love those Maxomorra joggers – they look so cosy! We always dress B in clothes we don’t care too much about for Nursery… especially as she always seems to get covered in something!

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xx

  6. They are all great and practical outfits, especially for nursery days! We have the same issue with trousers in our house, I’ve got to the stage where if the trousers dont have adjustable waists they don’t get bought because neither child have the waist to keep them up! Thank you for sharing #WeekendTotStyle

  7. Fab outfits! Scandi clothes only go to playgroup after they’ve been worn loads and aren’t looking great! Otherwise it’s cheaper clothes but I still try and get brightly coloured ones. Have you tried Polarn O Pyret for trousers? They have adjustable waist bands and are really well made, they are also quite long, we have to turn the bottoms up for quite a while at first but they last ages. They have a concession in the basement at Jenners.

  8. Great post! I love all the bright colours, so cheerful, particularly his leggings and tee combo. Bless him my 3 and nearly 4 (next month) year old gets over having his picture taken so quickly now. xx Yvadney #WeekendTotStyle

  9. How amazing is his hair?! He looks fab! I love the green joggers. Like you I probably wouldn’t have picked them myself but I would have regretted it after seeing how good They look! Those boots look super comfy and great at the same time. Also loving the Little Bird top. I need to check out that range. Thanks so much for linking up with us, sorry for the late comment! #weekendtotstyle

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