Siblings // Toby and Gabe in April

I sound a bit like a stuck record with these posts but not much has changed with Toby and Gabe’s relationship in the last month.

Gabe still absolutely adores his big brother and is always looking to see what he’s up to. Toby still likes making Gabe laugh and smile, but still spends a lot of time saying ‘no Gabe, that’s mine’. We’re working on the sharing though and Toby will do it but only on his own terms. We were sitting playing with his Duplo the other day and Gabe was trying to grab all the bricks. I got one and asked Toby if Gabe could play with it. We got the usual ‘no, that’s mine’, but then 30 seconds later he picked a different brick and gave it to Gabe with a ‘Gabe have this one’.

Toby has also recently started saying ‘I love you’ (I love you mummy melts my heart every time) and if you ask him who he loves he’ll tell you ‘mummy, daddy and Gabe’ – it’s too cute!

Toby has also taken it upon himself to become Gabe’s official spokesperson. He likes to tell me that Gabe is tired, but this is mostly because he wants me to take him upstairs for a nap because that’s quite often the time I let him play the CBeebies app on my Kindle. Or when I’m getting Gabe something to eat Toby will inform me ‘Gabe doesn’t want it’ or ‘Gabe doesn’t like it’ but there doesn’t seem to be any ulterior motive for that one!

I’ve not really managed to get any good photos of Toby and Gabe together this month. Gabe has been ill for weeks now and unfortunately not really in the mood for photos most of the time. I took this one on my iPhone the other day and it’s a bit blurry but Toby wanted to play Ring O’Roses with Gabe and he seemed to think it was pretty good fun too!

Ring o roses

And although Toby doesn’t look too convinced about me interrupting his breakfast look how excited Gabe is to be sat near his brother.

Breakfast smiles

I thought I would try and grab a few more pictures this morning but it didn’t quite go to plan! Gabe is very ‘grabby’ at the moment and was getting a bit overenthusiastic in his cuddling….

Overenthusiastic cuddles

The Me and Mine Project

6 thoughts on “Siblings // Toby and Gabe in April

  1. Oh you can definitely see how much Gabe adores his big bro in these photos, its written all over his face. And I love that first photo, they just look so connected and in sync somehow, like they were have a real “moment” between the two of them. Thanks so much for linking up. x

  2. Aw such a lovely post. How lovely of Toby to get a brick to share with his younger brother. You can really see how much Gabe adores Toby in the photos. Toby’s smile is infectious. Gorgeous children, xx

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