My Wild Ones // Exploring the woods

There is a small wood very close to our house. It used to be fairly impenetrable with narrow, muddy footpaths but recently a lot of the trees and undergrowth have been cleared, three colour-coded trails have been put in and there are also lots of sculptures and information to look at (although unfortunately some of it has already been vandalised).

Barry had taken both boys for walks in the woods at different times but I hadn’t been since the work had been done and we hadn’t all been together so on Saturday as the sun was out we put the boys in the buggy and headed off. Gabe was due a nap so the hope was he would sleep and Toby could get out and have a run around. I’m not going to say much more about it and let the photographs speak for themselves…

Looking at the map with daddy

Recognising leaves

With the obligatory big stick

Tree information

Golden balls in the tree

Puddle jumping

Fairies, Goons, Hags & Giants

Exploring deep in the woods

Catching some rays

And he's off

Bat eyes

A fox

It's broken

Toby doesn't share raisins

Raisin face

It’s not far from home, and you can still see houses all around (and the massive Amazon depot across the road) but it really doesn’t matter – Toby had so much fun, and Gabe got his nap under the SnoozeShade…

Gabe asleep under the SnoozeShade



6 thoughts on “My Wild Ones // Exploring the woods

  1. Your photographs are amazing! Looks like a fantastic place to take a walk with all the interactive wooden cut outs to find.
    Sophie x

  2. Lovely post. We have a few small bits of woodland within walking distance of our house, even though we live in a red-brick city terrace; it is lovely, especially when spring gets going. I only wish our buggy didn’t come back with wheels caked in mud and leaves!

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