Living Arrows 8/53 (2018)

Half term is over (well it will be tomorrow – Toby has an INSET day today) and I have to admit we’ve not had the most exciting of weeks. The weather was pretty awful for the first part of the week – we did manage our first ever trip to the library so hopefully we’ll keep that up, and on Wednesday we went to the shop where we got our wedding cupcakes from to get Valentine’s cupcakes for us all.

Other than that we have spent quite a lot of time at home and the boys have watched far more TV than is probably good for them. On Friday Barry had the day off work and we went to SEA LIFE at the Trafford Centre. We went to LEGOland Discovery last summer and bought combi tickets so we were using the SeaLife portion of the tickets – we paid for them so long ago that it almost felt like a free day out!

Unfortunately Toby’s occasional travel sickness hit again and, despite stopping for him to get some air when we were half way to Manchester, he managed to throw up just as we pulled into the car park. Luckily I had put a towel over him when we stopped and he did very well to get all the sick on it so the clean up job was very quick and easy. And as soon as he had been sick and calmed down he was right as rain!

Toby looking at the Nemos at SeaLife Manchester

SEA LIFE was busy though, and Gabe wasn’t really in the mood for looking at much (he is well and truly in the middle of the terrible twos and we have had some epic tantrums this week!) so it was a bit of a stressful day out. To be honest we were a bit disappointed with the whole place though (and not just because Gabe was being a pain). We went to SEA LIFE in Blackpool last year and it seemed like there was more to see, and more space to see it in too. Toby enjoyed it though – in this picture he’s in a tunnel under a tank where there were loads of ‘Nemo’ fish. And he was happy anyway because we went to the LEGO shop afterwards so he could get something as he got such a good report from his first parents’ evening.

Thankfully there was no more sick on the way home and hopefully that will be the last we see of it for a while!

On Saturday the sun shone and we went for a walk around the snowdrop trail at Lytham Hall which is not far from where we live. Toby and Gabe are definitely much happy when they’re outside and they can just run around wherever they please. I know this really but I struggle to remember it sometimes when it just seems easier to stay at home.

Gabe looking cute at Lytham Hall

I love Gabe in this hat, he looks so cute. I’ll be sad when it doesn’t fit any more.

So anyway, that was our half term – now we’re back to the school routine… only five weeks to go until the Easter holidays!

Living Arrows

9 thoughts on “Living Arrows 8/53 (2018)

  1. Sorry to hear that your trip to sea life was a bit disappointing, it’s always a shame when you feel that way after making the effort to go somewhere for a day out. Have you tried seabands for Toby and his travel sickness? I’ve used them for years and they’ve always helped me. x #LivingArrows

  2. I think sometimes you need a less exciting break, we are on half term this week and haven’t planned much at all. Poor Toby, travel sickness is just awful. Lovely photo’s this week, the boys look very happy indeed x #livingarrows

  3. Gorgeous photos!

    I thnk its safe to say that we have spent a lot of time in front of the TV too.

    I had travel sickness a child that my mother always have a bag, vicks vaporub and extra clothes for me when we go out. She lets me smell the vicks when I am feeling dizzy and things usually get better for me.


  4. Oh no, car sickness is the worst! I remember being sick as we pulled into a beach car park when I was about Toby’s age – all over my shell suit bottoms AND the car! It was horrendous. So glad they had a nice day out despite the sick x

  5. Travel sickness is not nice. Poor Toby, I suffered terribly as a child. My mum took no chances and used to give me anti sickness tablets! What a shame the Sea life was a disappointing day out, although I can totally relate to a toddler in the terrible twos stage! X #livingarrows

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