The tools that will help your kids in school

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Getting your kids motivated about school is either going to be something that’s totally effortless, or something you have to battle with every single day. Some children are just geared up to love education, and right from the moment they enter big school, they dive right into learning, and soak it all in. But there will be some of you that are really struggling to get your kids motivated about school. They would rather be playing with their friends, watching TV, or just playing with their toys.

It’s natural for some children to go through phases like this, especially during their younger years. But it’s something you want to try and nip in the bud as soon as you possibly can, because this can so easily become a toxic trait that they carry right on through to high school. So, if you feel like the battle to keep your kids interested in school has already begun, or perhaps they’re just struggling with their learning, we think we’re going to be able to help. Here are some tools that should help your kids stay interested in school, or just boost their learning!

Toby and Gabe on the tablets

A helping hand from technology

Technology has most likely become a staple in your life. From the phone you carry around with you, to the TV that you watch. But both of these can be a massive distraction for your children, especially as they’re now growing up in an era that’s so dominated by technology. However, technology is also one of the biggest ways children are learning now, second to play in their younger years. One of the best ways to start educating your children from home, and making it fun for them, is to install software on your computer that’s going to help. The Microsoft Office for Mac software is a great way to start. Kids just love tapping around on technology, and with Microsoft office, you can do so much to set up learning resources. From getting them to make posters, to showing them maths on Excel, to writing a story on word. Always think about the positives technology can bring, rather than drawing them away from it all in fear it’ll distract from their learning.

Something they’ll really enjoy

If your kids are struggling to get interested in school, it’s most likely because they’re full of boundless energy, and find it hard to sit still and listen. So why not encourage them to start playing sports, as it truly is a great way of keeping their mind focused, their energy levels under control, and helps towards that positive attitude with learning. The school will no doubt have many clubs on that they could join, and ones running during lunchtime are the best! That way they’ll have something to look forward to all morning, then after lunch they’ll be slightly more worn out, and their mind will be more focused on the learning.

These are just two methods to try and help your children focus a little more on education. There are many more that you can have a quick Google of, if you really feel like you’re suffering.

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