Living Arrows 30/52 (2019)

Well we have survived the first week of the summer holidays – even if it hasn’t actually been a full week! Like the rest of the country we’ve been having some crazy weather with temperatures reaching 34°C on Thursday and then pouring rain for the last few days!

On Thursday we went to a local play centre – it has an indoor and outdoor area, and even though it was roasting the boys enjoyed a couple of hours running about while I sat in relative peace with a milkshake! On Friday we headed to the park to try a new air rocket toy that the boys got for their birthday. We managed an hour before it started raining again so at least we got out for a little bit. It was really cloudy but you can see how hot it still was from how sweaty  Gabe is in this picture…

A very sweaty Gabe on the swing

Saturday, it was still raining and we were at a birthday party for a little boy who is going to be in Gabe’s class when he starts school. His sister is in the same class as Toby so they were both invited along, and managed to have great fun despite the rain.

Yesterday the boys stayed at home all day (I escaped to Starbucks for an hour to get some work done) mostly playing on the Playstation and doing a bit of LEGO, colouring and painting. It was such a lazy day they didn’t even get dressed and spent the day in their pyjamas. I snapped this picture of Toby just after he’d got in bed. The boys had been messing about for ages at bedtime so we said they weren’t having any bedtime stories – so instead of one of us reading Toby read Stickman for him and Gabe instead…

Toby reading Stickman at bedtime

And yes, he is wearing Christmas pyjamas in July. Reindeers are for life, not just for Christmas!

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  1. My kids spent the day in their pj’s yesterday, they love it. (Not so much so when they have to shower and change before bed though.) I love that Toby read a story to Gabe, how sweet. Stickman is one of my favourites and it goes perfect with reindeer pjs 🙂

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