Living Arrows 13/53 (2018)

We have made it to the Easter holidays, thank goodness! Toby has been so tired and emotional the last week that I’m really hoping that a couple of weeks off school will give him chance to rest and recover. Both the boys are full of a cold at the moment too, which I’m sure is just a side effect of their tiredness. 

We are going away for a few days this holiday, but we’re not going until Wednesday so we’re going to have a couple of quiet days at home first. We started by making birthday cards and baking a cake for my dad on Saturday. I think it was the first time I’ve managed to bake with both Toby and Gabe at the same time without them arguing with each other about who’s turn it was to mix or whatever.

Of course the best bit about making a cake is getting to lick the spoon – or in the this case the beaters from the hand mixer…

Gabe licking cake mix of the hand mixer

Gabe was quite disappointed though that we didn’t get to eat the cake as soon as it was made! Yesterday was actually my dad’s birthday so we went to take the cards the boys had made, and to help him eat his cake.

With the clocks going forward this weekend, it actually seems like spring might have finally arrived. It wasn’t massively warm but the sun was out at least and the boys got to run around in their grandparents’ garden for a while. My dad usually manages to find a job for them to do and this time it was sweeping some soil off the paths around a bed he had been digging. Toby was taking his sweeping responsibilities very seriously…

Toby sweeping the path in grandad's garden

I’m really hoping the nice weather stays for our holiday this week, and hopefully I’ll have some fab Easter pictures to share next week.

Living Arrows

6 thoughts on “Living Arrows 13/53 (2018)

  1. What lovely photos! Mine don’t break up for Easter until this week but I am soo looking forward to it, we’re planning on doing some baking too. #LivingArrows

  2. My two are always exhausted by the last week of terms, hope Toby feels better with the break. Gabe looks very happy with his face full of chocolate, that’s the best part of baking getting to lick the spoon after ! x #livingarrows

  3. Oh Gabe looks so grown up in this photo! And Toby looks like just the best helper. We don’t break up until Thursday and are pretty much back to back with stuff happening until the end of the holidays – so busy! Enjoy your break away x

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