Siblings // Toby and Gabe in June (2017)

It’s been a month since I last wrote a Siblings update and to be honest since last month things are much the same with Toby and Gabe. They still bicker and argue all the time but they are starting to play together, or at least in peace, a lot more too.

I’m just going to share a few pictures that I’ve taken over the last month. I’m still loving putting the boys in matching clothes when ever I can get away with it (it’s always just matching prints rather than completely identical outfits though) and I love this pineapple print from Maxomorra that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

Toby and Gabe in matching pineapple print clothes

These robots are Maxomorra too and this picture was when we were at my mum and dad’s house on my birthday. I think this is one of my favourite ever pictures of Toby and Gabe – they both just look so happy and they were having so much fun running around the garden together.

Toby and Gabe in June 2017 chasing each other in the garden

This next one was just taken the other day. Toby was playing on the CBeebies app on my phone and of course Gabe wanted to see what he was up too. This is the kind of thing that usually ends up in fighting when Gabe is rather to enthusiastic about joining in with whatever his brother is doing but this time he was happy just to watch.

Gabe having a nosey at what Toby is playing on MummyToby is stepping up to his role of big brother a bit more now too and is happy to help Gabe – I took this photo last week that I put on Instagram of Toby helping his little brother down stairs, it was just such a sweet moment…

And lastly for this month, this was just taken today when the boys were having a play out in the street on their scooters – Toby is very happy now that Gabe has a got a scooter too, even if he is sitting down for the moment!

Brothers on their scooters

The Me and Mine Project

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