Living Arrows 4/53 (2018)

Toby enjoying his ice cream

It’s been a quiet week here – the weather has been horrible, pretty much constant rain, so we haven’t done much. Gabe and I made it to stay and play at our local gymnastics gym on Wednesday – I used to take both boys but we haven’t been since the summer. Gabe really enjoyed himself so we’ll definitely make an effort to go again. Read more

The other men in my life // Ben & Jerry’s

I can’t quite remember when I fell in love with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I know at university I was definitely a Häagen-Dazs girl. When I worked in France I was all about Carte D’Or and plenty of Soleros. It must have been when I moved to Scotland. Perhaps it was because Ben & Jerry’s was the ice cream you could get in the cinema.  Read more

First tastes (The Ordinary Moments #21)

It’s been busy round here the last few weeks what with holidays and Spanish assessments so I’ve had a few weeks off from linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me. We’re happy to be back this week though for another Ordinary Moment.

First tastes  - ice cream
Toby has been eating solids for four months now so there have been lots of first tastes. So far he’s a really good eater – he pretty much eats everything we put in front of him. He’s got his favourites already (banana and broccoli if you’re interested!) but I try and give him at least one thing he hasn’t tried before each week. Up until now I’ve avoided giving him anything with added sugar; he has yoghurt, fruit and the odd baby biscuit but nothing with refined sugar (so that Cadbury’s Chick that his Nana bought him for Easter went straight in mummy and daddy’s faces!). On holiday last week though we were visiting the Apple Pie Café and Bakery in Ambleside, I was having an apple pie ice cream sundae and Barry had warm apple pie and ice cream. It really is the best apple pie, so good in fact that we got one to take away too! Seeing as Toby had finished his lunch I thought I’d give him his first taste of ice cream. He only had a couple of tiny spoonfuls but I don’t think he was too impressed! To be fair though he pulls this face whenever he tries something new, or even just something he hasn’t had for a while and it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t like it. I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s loving it though – just like his mum and dad (and maybe one day we’ll take him to the Ben & Jerry’s factory too!).

Mum & Dad enjoying ice cream

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