Living Arrows 4/53 (2018)

It’s been a quiet week here – the weather has been horrible, pretty much constant rain, so we haven’t done much. Gabe and I made it to stay and play at our local gymnastics gym on Wednesday – I used to take both boys but we haven’t been since the summer. Gabe really enjoyed himself so we’ll definitely make an effort to go again.

Our other afternoons at home though have mostly been spent playing, cuddling and watching TV and making beds in the laundry basket… like you do!

Gabe making a bed in the laundry basket

This term Toby’s topic at school is super heroes and they’ve been reading Supertato. This week they’re going to be making their own ‘super-veggies’ which we were asked to provide. Toby chose a carrot, which should be easy enough but apparently it was important the carrot still had its leaves which wasn’t quite so easy!

So yesterday we headed off to a local farm shop – they had the carrots we needed, and it was a great discovery. We’ve never been there before but they had a great selection of produce so we’ll definitely be back again. And it just so happened that the farm shop was round the corner from our favourite ice cream parlour so it would have been rude not to go there too!

Toby enjoying his ice cream

If you’re ever anywhere near Lancaster I would definitely recommend a visit to Wallings. Of course nothing is ever stress-free – it was chucking it down so Toby was moaning about getting wet running from the car park, Gabe refused to eat his ice cream and only wanted the mini smarties off the top… but Barry and I both had amazing waffles and Toby loved his ice cream so we were mostly happy!

Here’s hoping the weather improves this week – I’m so fed up of wet school runs already!

(Oh, and if you noticed I’ve changed my title to be 4/53 it’s not because I’ve got confused about how many weeks are in a year, but because I was reading Claire from Mudpie Fridays’ post last week and apparently there are 53 Mondays in 2018. So there you go.)

Living Arrows

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  1. Only ice cream can make a wet and windy day better! Glad you found your superhero carrot too. Love the washing basket shot, Alfie is often found sitting in the washing basket waiting to be pushed along the wooden floor by Daddy! #livingarrows

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