8K Flexwarm heated jacket // Review & Giveaway

Back in the summer, in the middle of the heatwave I got an email asking if I would like to try the 8K Flexwarm® heated jacket. ‘I would love to’ I replied, ‘but maybe not right now!’ Fast forward to November, and those scorching temperatures are far behind us, so now was the perfect time to test my new heated hooded jacket.

So first of all, here’s the technical bit…

What is Flexwarm?

Flexwarm® is a “unique, ultra-thin (0.5mm) printable heating element… printed and layered between the inner and outer layers of fabric to create 3 fully controllable heating zones.”  “Adaptive sensor technology (AST)  is one of our most significant features, while carbon fibre is unable to detect and control temperature accurately (as it has no sensors inside). Flexwarm® adapts to your environment. Ensuring that our apparel is always at the optimum level of warmth for your body.”

8K Flexwarm Hoodie heated jacket

There are three products available for both men and women, a jacket, gilet and hoodie, in a variety of different colours. I was sent the women’s hoodie in navy and decided to give it its first try on a day out this weekend.

Before wearing any of the Flexwarm® heated jackets you need to make sure you charge the power bank which is supplied. This charges via USB with the included cable and then plugs into the special inside pocket in the jacket. The power bank has two USB sockets so you could also charge your phone at the same time as powering the jacket. It also has a handy torch built in!

Once the jacket is connected to the battery there are two ways to control the heating elements inside. There are two buttons on the side of the jacket – one which is used to turn it on and then set the temperature to low, medium or high. The other button allows you to either have the front, back or both elements turned on.

Control buttons for 8K Flexwarm heated jacket

Alternatively you can connect the jacket to your smartphone via the Flexwarm® app. This allows you to control the temperatures of the front and back panels separately.


At this point I feel I need to address my big, and only, issue with the 8K Flexwarm jacket. That is the sizing. I understand that the jacket needs to be quite close fitting for you to get the benefit of the heated panels, but the sizing seems to be super small. I am a UK size 12/14, I ordered the XL women’s hoodie, which is the biggest size they make and it only just fastens on me. You can see from this picture how tight it is across the hips and I am wearing size 12 jeans in this picture.

8K Flexwarm heated jacket fitting guide

The actual measurements in the size guide are not too far out (although a hip measurement would also be helpful) but I just think it’s a bit ridiculous that the biggest size available only fits up to a size 14 at a push. I guess if you were a woman needing a larger size you could buy one of the men’s jackets but I would like to see larger women’s sizes available in future.

The women’s jackets do have a slightly stretchy panel on the hips which allows for a bit more room for manoeuvre. The jackets also have a two way zip so I can unzip it from the bottom to have it a bit looser, especially when sitting down.

Is it warm?

So now we’ve got the sizing out of the way, the big question is does the 8k Flexwarm heated jacket actually keep you warm? Well yes it does! On the day these pictures were taken it wasn’t actually that cold and what I thought was good about the jacket was that it was reasonably warm even without the heating panels turned on. With the heating on low it kept me the perfect temperature. I have since worn my Flexwarm jacket on the school run – it was 1°C the other day and I turned the heating panels up to full. It kept me nice and toasty in the freezing playground!

The heating panels do take a little while to warm up (in around 6 minutes according to the website) but once they get up to temperature you can definitely tell. It’s not like having a hot water bottle under your jacket but more like the warmth you get from wearing a few layers or a much thicker jacket.

The temperature is easy to control either from the buttons on the jacket or from the app. To be honest I’ve found it easier just to use the buttons on the jacket. The app does give you more control over the temperature of the back heating panel as there is a slider to adjust rather than just low, medium and high.

Control the 8K Flexwarm jacket from the smartphone app

The 8K Flexwarm is a great jacket if you spend a lot of time outdoors. I know I’ll be making the most of it on the chilly school runs this winter. There isn’t a lot of room to wear more layers underneath it but it’s slim enough to fit under a bigger jacket if you wanted something longer (I can’t be the only one that gets a cold bum!). The 8K Flexwarm isn’t fully waterproof either (although it is shower proof) so you could use it to keep warm under a thinner waterproof jacket too.

At £250 the 8K Flexwarm hoodie is definitely aimed at the outdoor market who will pay a premium for high performance products. If I’m completely honest I probably wouldn’t splash out that much myself to wear it on the school run but it certainly fulfills the brief if you are looking for a thin, lightweight but super warm outdoor jacket.

8K Flexwarm heated jacket perfect for chilly autumn days

And if you’d like to get your hands on an 8K Flexwarm jacket of your own you can win one simply by completing the Rafflecopter below. Please note the prize will be one 8K Flexwarm jacket in black. The winner can choose a men’s (size S-L) or women’s (size XS – M) jacket.

8K Flexwarm jacket giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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**Disclosure: I was provided with a 8K Flexwarm heated jacket in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

136 thoughts on “8K Flexwarm heated jacket // Review & Giveaway

  1. In the mornings and evenings while walking the kids to school. I can honestly say it would be literally everywhere but mostly on the school run as we always walk it.

  2. Something I need for walking the dogs this winter or watching the hubby play football. These would be ideal for a cold person like me

  3. I’d give the jacket to my wife Anne,she goes and watches the football and this jacket would be ideal for her over the coming months .

  4. I would actually choose the man’s one as my husband would love one of these for when he goes out foraging for fungi on wintery days

  5. I would use it all the time, but especially when I’m outside in the garden or the park in this weather with my little boy who lives to be outdoors!

  6. I live in the Yorkshire Dales so a coat like this would be brilliant for nearly every outing especially in bad weather as you can easily be stranded for hours!

  7. this would be great to keep me warm while I’m walking round town trying to get the best prices for the things we need!

  8. I think that I would probably put it on in the autumn and take it off in the spring as I struggle with the cold. Where have these jackets and gilets been all my life?!

  9. I would give it to my son who stands on the touchline watching my grandson play football each Saturday morning. Hes freezing and would really appreciate this warming coat.

  10. Gosh it’s expensive isn’t it – I think it would be great for me as keeping my chest warm is key to managing my asthma at this time of year – that said, as a size 20 I don’t think I’ll be getting to excited just yet!

  11. My wife would love one for when she goes on her regular shopping trip with her best friend every Tuesday! She gets a bit upset when it has to be cut short due to the cold weather, like yesterday…

  12. I’d wear this jacket daily. I live in the north of Scotland and have a large dog that seems to relish being out in the cold and wet!

  13. This heated jacket would be perfect when i walk to work and back home. I don’t drive so have to walk in all weathers!

  14. I would love to see the arborealisfrom anywhere that it was possible to see it and I guess it is cold….. but down to reality I would probably get to wear it doing outside jobs around the house and garden if I was not out walking in it….. or…. I could just wear it inside the house and save on the heating bills this winter..

  15. Everyday through the winter as we do a 6 mile walk everyday, plus we love hiking over the mountains. It’s so wonderful to be out and about with that crisp cold air, but not so nice being cold & having goosebumps bigger than a egg! lol

  16. I’d be tempted to live in it! It would really come into it’s own dog walking, when the wind whistles across flat Norfolk fields I wonder if I will ever defrost

  17. I’d give to my daughter she would be hugely grateful for this for playing golf and her golf competitions , especially 18holes ! Fab prize Thankyou for a chance x

  18. I would use it throughout the cold season. I freeze easily. And I always have to wear a lot of clothes on myself to keep warm. It looks like this jacket can make my life easier.

  19. id take it on our annual ski trip, i dont ski i just watch the hubby and daughter this would be perfect for keeping me toasty

  20. It would be perfect for when I’m walking the dog or when I have a really early start and can’t face the idea of getting out of a warm bed.

  21. I really feel the cold and would use this every day in cold weather. It would be extra lovely to wear to the beach on our dog walks

  22. I have always felt the cold so if I was lucky enough to win this I would be wearing it everywhere.

    Fantastic prize, thank you x

  23. I would use it foor my sons football training tjree nights a week and sarurday and sundays for his matches, it would be perfect x

  24. Fabulous I’d wear this on the school walks to and thro when I take the dog out for his daily hike and when out walking

  25. I go walking most days and this jacket would make it so nice. It is such a good idea, I don’t know why no one has thought of it before now.

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