What makes a great playroom?

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We are lucky enough to have a house that is big enough for us to have a dedicated playroom one day in the not too distant future. At the moment all the boys toys are in the living room but we’re planning on getting some work done soon which will mean they can have a playroom in one of the bedrooms instead. But what makes a great playroom?

Decorating your Playroom

Best Wall Coverings for Kids

If you’re decorating a playroom from scratch then you need to think about what will go on the walls and floor. I’m a fan of painted walls with kids – you can often just wipe off any marks (or attempts at impressionist art!) and if not you can always just paint over them again. If you wanted to give them a place to draw you could always paint one wall or a part of a wall with blackboard paint.

Blackboard wall in playroom

Choosing the right flooring

Carpet can be relatively cheap, and you can find some really hard wearing, and stain resistant options too. Don’t forget to factor in carpet fitting costs if you decide to go for carpet in your playroom though.

Alternatively you might choose something like laminate or vinyl flooring. Although this might be easier to clean up all those spills that children like to make it’s not as comfy for all that playing on the floor that they like to do. And remember, if your children are still small you’ll probably be spending a fair bit of time down on the floor with them!

Furniture and Storage

You’ll need plenty of storage in your playroom for all the toys, games and books. We’ve always loved the Kallax cube storage from IKEA. It’s easy for the children to access what they want but it’s also easy to tidy everything away at the end of the day.

Playroom with cube storage, chalkboard easel and toys on the floor

If your children are still young it’s worth thinking about whether you want to have anything out of their reach. Perhaps you could have some high shelves or lockable cupboards?

Although kids seem to spend most of their time playing on the floor you’ll probably want to have a small table and chairs in your playroom for drawing or things like play dough.

Our playroom (when we eventually get it!) will have to be a guest bedroom too so we’ll be putting our sofa bed in there – it’ll give me somewhere comfortable to sit when the boys are playing too!


You might want to think about what you want in your playroom in terms of technology. For very small children you might not want anything but for older kids a TV or games console might be part of your playroom too.

Our boys are a bit older so our play room will actually be a bit of a gaming room too (for Daddy as well as the boys). We will probably wall mount the TV to keep it out of the way (and to stop the boys touching it all the time which they can’t seem to help doing!)

I’ll also be putting an Amazon Echo in our playroom. We already have one in the kitchen so I’ll be able to talk to the boys when they’re playing without having to shout down the stairs. They will also be able to use it to play music or help them out with facts and information too – they love asking Alexa random questions!

So those are some of my ideas about what makes a great playroom. Do you have a playroom in your house?

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