Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (May 2018)

I know I keep saying it but time is absolutely flying at the moment, and here we are at the end of May with another month done. It’s half term at the moment, and I can’t believe that when Toby goes back to school next week we’ll only have seven weeks until the summer holidays and the end of his first year at school!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself… Back at the beginning of May I was in Manchester for the BlogOn conference (my fifth one, I think), then we had a sunny bank holiday together (although it did involve some rather unsuccessful scarecrow hunting!

The weather has been really good for a lot of this month actually. On the one hand the warm weather is brilliant but I don’t know about you, but I could do without the daily sun cream battles it brings! It was great weather for Toby’s school summer BBQ though, and then for his sports day last week as well.

The month has ended with us celebrating my 40th birthday. We went out for a meal with my mum and dad, and my brother and sister-in-law. We went to an Italian restaurant that we’ve been going to since I was a teenager living at home – we’ve never taken the boys there before because it doesn’t open until 5:30 and we always thought it was a bit late for them. But there that bit older now so we decided to give it a try and they were brilliant, and coped remarkably well with a 9 pm bedtime!

The whole family - Me & Mine May

This is all of us outside the restaurant after our meal. It’s my brother’s birthday the day after mine so we were celebrating both our birthdays, which is something I don’t think we’ve managed to do all together since his 30th, which was back before I’d even met Barry!

Me and Mine May 2018

And here’s one just the four of us – the boys were very pleased with Mummy’s birthday balloons. Although, ever since Monday Gabe has been asking ‘is it my birthday?’, ‘can I open my presents?’ – I’ve started just telling him that it’s soon, because 3 months is quite a long time to wait when you’re not quite three years old.

We haven’t got much going on in June, no birthdays or celebrations planned so I think it will be a fairly quiet month for us before we head into July and Toby’s 5th birthday and the end of the school year.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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