Living Arrows 23/53 (2018)

It’s been half term here this last week (and actually Toby doesn’t go back to school until Wednesday. We’ve actually packed quite a lot in this holiday. I sometimes feel guilty if we don’t do much with time off from school but that definitely hasn’t been the case this week.

This week’s Living Arrows pictures were taken last Monday on my birthday. We went to Samlesbury Hall which isn’t far from us at all. We had a lovely afternoon there – the hall was interesting to look round, there was plenty of space for the boys to run around, the ice cream was delicious and the play area was brilliant with loads to keep both Toby and Gabe occupied.

I was getting quite worried and frustrated over the winter with both Toby and Gabe’s fearfulness when it came to playgrounds, especially when they both used to be such daredevils when they were younger. In the last month or so though they both seem to have really found their confidence again.

Toby crossing a rope bridge in the play area at Salmesbury Hall

Toby was slightly wary when he started crossing this rope bridge but within a few steps he was doing a great job and happily went backwards and forwards over it a few times.

Gabe was just as confident as his brother – climbing up to the big slide all by himself, and coming down without any hesitation. He loved walking the plank too, and doing big jumps off the end!

Gabe jumping in the play area at Salmesbury Hall

We had a couple of quiet days on Tuesday and Wednesday, on Thursday we went down to North Wales to see my friend Claire and her twins, Friday we went to Blackpool Zoo with my mum, Saturday we were at home again and then yesterday Barry took the boys to see his mum and dad to give me chance to get some work done.

So all in all it’s been an action packed week. I’m looking forward to getting the boys back into their school routine this week and then we’ll be on the countdown to summer!

Living Arrows

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  1. It sounds like you had great fun during the holidays – and this looks like a fantastic day out. It’s great to see them both enjoying the play equipment now x

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