Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (June 2017)

The end of June? Seriously, how did that happen?? The month has flown so fast that I can’t even think what we’ve been doing. We had two weekends when Toby was at several birthday parties for his friends from nursery, and we’ve had a few weekends at home to try and give Barry a chance to do some work in the garden. Oh and I had an interview for a teaching job that I didn’t get.

Other than that it’s been a fairly quiet month, with not much to report. Toby turns four in a couple of weeks and as I write this he’s having his second transition session at school. He seemed to really enjoy it last week (until he fell over and grazed his knee on the way home) so hopefully he’ll have had a good time again. The trouble then is going to be explaining that he doesn’t actually go to school properly for another 8 weeks!

Gabe has had a bit of a mixed month – his sleep seemed to be improving for a while and he actually slept all night a couple of times at the beginning of the month. But then he got a cold and we’ve gone back to rubbish nights again in the last week. On Tuesday he refused to nap at nursery so I ended up putting him in bed at 6:30 pm, which was fine until he woke up at 11:30 and didn’t go back to sleep again until after 2 am! I’m so glad I’m not working at the moment – I don’t think I could cope with all these sleepless nights if I was.

Anyway, to this month’s Me & Mine pictures – these were taken in my mum and dad’s garden again, just like last month. We’re not actually there that often but it’s easier to just get my dad to take a picture rather than faff about with the tripod and remote, especially in a month when we haven’t really been anywhere worthy of making the extra effort!

Toby and Gabe weren’t really that keen on being in the picture this month. In fact Toby was far too busy playing with his rhubarb ‘umbrella’ so we had to do a bit of tickling to get some smiles… and do you know what? I think these are some of my favourite Me & Mine photos ever! I might even get this one printed to put on the wall…

June Me & Mine family portrait

I’m pulling a bit of a funny face on this next one but I love how Toby and Barry are looking at each other.

Me & Mine June with a rhubarb umbrella

What do you think? Would you put a less than perfect picture on the wall or are you more about the perfect pose and everyone looking at the camera?

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