He’s walking!

Toby took his first couple of steps a week or two ago. But it was only a few steps before he would sit down and crawl off. He was still so much faster crawling that I think he wasn’t that motivated to walk. While we were on holiday he was happy to walk holding our hands (something he’s never been interested in doing before). And then last night, at fifteen and a half months, it was like something had clicked – he came home from nursery and hardly sat down! He was toddling around, and if he fell down he just stood right up again and started walking.

I even managed to get a video of him walking this time too. And you have to watch it with the sound on – I love the noise he makes as he disappears out of the frame at the end…

I’m so excited to have a toddler! I think life is going to get so much more fun now Toby can walk, it opens up so many possibilities of things we can do that we couldn’t do before. There’s a whole new world waiting for us out there…

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