Living Arrows 9/52 (2017)

This week’s Living Arrows photos were taken this weekend. We went to a Christening / birthday party on Saturday but didn’t really have any plans for Sunday. Toby was going a bit stir crazy in the house so we just went out onto the street outside our house for him to have a scoot up and down and burn off a bit of energy.

I actually took loads of photos of him scooting and then pulling silly faces but I really like this one with the serious expression on his face…

Toby does a serious face

And when we came inside Gabe had got up from his nap and I still had the camera out so I got a few shots of him too. We’ve got a little play tent from IKEA in the Living Room – Gabe’s always enjoyed playing in it but the last couple of weeks he’s been taking toys in with him and just sitting in there for ages. Until his brother comes along and pushes him out usually!

Gabe playing inside the play tent

Living Arrows

10 thoughts on “Living Arrows 9/52 (2017)

  1. Ours loves nothing better than a good scoot up and down the road, I remember doing it when I was young but I just don’t see the appeal now haha #LivingArrows

  2. What an amazing picture of Toby. My wee boy loves his play tent too, its funny how they always love to do and take everything in there!xx #Livingarrows

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