Living Arrows 6/52 (2017)

Another fairly quiet week here – after me saying in our January Me & Mine post last week that we had got through the month without being ill we all came down with colds! Toby is just really snotty but OK in himself. Barry has been suffering with a sore throat and cough and even had a day off work last week. Poor little Gabe has got a constantly dripping nose and a cough that has been affecting his sleep. And I seemed to have recovered the quickest but I am so fed up of wiping snotty noses now. And snotty faces – does anyone else have a toddler who manages to just wipe snot all over their own face every two minutes?!

Gabe isn’t looking to sorry for himself in this week’s picture though. This is the basket we usually keep all the soft toys in. Toby had emptied it and been playing in it, then Gabe came over and cried until I put him in it too! Of course two minutes later he was crying to get back out again (then back in again…) but he was having fun at least…

Gabe sitting in the toy basket

My friend Claire came up for a visit on Friday with her twin boys. I’ve mentioned them before – the boys are three months younger than Toby and we used to live round the corner from them in Scotland. They moved to north Wales not long before we moved back to Lancashire so we don’t get to see them as often these days. At least they’re close enough that we do see them though, and the boys love having a day to play together.

After a play at our house and some lunch we headed to the park for a run around. They all had a great time and Toby was toasty warm in his new coat. Apparently it’s a ‘girl’s’ coat (and I have a bit of a rant about that…but I’ll save it for another day!) but it’s purple and that’s all that Toby cares about….

Toby at the park in his new purple coat

Living Arrows

11 thoughts on “Living Arrows 6/52 (2017)

  1. Woah, Gabe is so big! LOVE the star basket. So sorry that you’ve all been snotty but so lovely to catch up with your friends – I bet the children loved it x

  2. Don’t I know the feeling! Our household has just recovered from the common cold having had it on off since late December. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive please god. #LivingArrows

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