Living Arrows 52/52

Well, it’s a little bit late as I’ve been having a bit of a blogging break over Christmas but we’ve finally made it to week 52 of The Living Arrows project. We spent Christmas visiting family. It was lovely to see everyone and I was really pleased that Toby seemed to remember his grandparents and uncle and auntie this time. We don’t get to see them very often so it’s nice that Toby is starting to remember them from one visit to the next. He still had no idea what Christmas was all about though but he seemed to enjoy tearing the wrapping paper off his presents, and then giving every tiny bit of paper he had torn off to my mum which was very cute! He got so many new toys that I’ve put some of them away to bring out later in the year – there’s no way he could play with everything all at once!


On Boxing Day we went out for a walk in the park, it was a bit cold and damp but Toby didn’t care! He was wrapped up nice and warm and had his first experience of splashing in puddles! He is so good at walking now and definitely has his own opinion of where he wants to go (hence the reins!).

52_52 2

I can’t believe how much my little boy has changed in the last twelve months. How can that toddler in the photo above have been this little baby just a year ago?

Baby at Christmas


Lastly I just want to say a big thank you to all the lovely I Heart Snapping ladies for hosting The Living Arrows for the last year and I’m very much looking forward to continuing with my weekly photos in 2015 when The Living Arrows moves to its new home at Shutterflies.

living arrows

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  1. Trying to post this and it won’t let me as it thinks I’m SPAM!! Me?! SPAM! How dare it!! Oh look how gorgeous he is! He looks so big on his feet. Love the Christmas photo too! x

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