Living Arrows 52/52 (2015)

Well, a lot of them were really late and a couple I doubled up two weeks in one, but I’ve made it to the final week of Living Arrows for this year. Apart from a distinct lack of sleep for Barry and I we enjoyed a lovely Christmas visiting both mine and Barry’s parents. Toby still hasn’t entirely got what Christmas is all about but he definitely enjoyed opening all his presents this year, and he got plenty of them!

Both of this week’s photos were taken on Christmas morning. Toby loved this shopping basket of plastic food that he got off my mum…

52_52 15 T

And I think it was all a bit much for Gabe…

52_52 15 G

As it’s the end of the year I always think it’s nice to look back and see what the first picture of the year was. I’m so glad I’ve been taking part in Living Arrows over the last two years and I have such a fantastic record of how Toby has changed. Of course at the start of this year there was no Gabe, other than as a tiny something in my tummy, but it’s going to be so lovely looking back of all the pictures of him too. Children change so much in the first few years of their lives and it’s fantastic to have these weekly pictures to remind us of just how much.

This is the first ever Living Arrows photo I took, back in January 2014. Toby was almost six months old here and although you can clearly tell they are brothers if you compare photos of him and Gabe they don’t look any where near as similar as they did when they were born.

Baby at Christmas

And then this is the first Living Arrows picture of 2015 – Toby really did love that hat!

1_52 15

I’ve not quite decided if I’m going to carry on with the Living Arrows in 2016 (or indeed if it is continuing). My Living Arrows posts had veered away from the photography posts they were supposed to be and instead had become more of a weekly round up post of what we had been up to so I think that is how I am going to carry on with them. I just need to think of a name for them….any ideas?

Living Arrows

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